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Pokemon Unite Releasing Game on Nintendo Switch


Are you a fan of Pokemon? It’s time to get excited as the newest game, Pokemon Unite, is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch this July! Get ready for an intense 5-on-5 strategy battle where you’ll team up with friends and other trainers as you work towards victory. Pokemon Unite is an upcoming strategic team battle game for the Nintendo Switch, developed by Tencent’s TiMi Studios and The Pokémon Company. This unique game was announced during a Pokemon Presents livestream in June 2020. In this new title, players take on the role of powerful trainers and team up with friends and take part in 5v5 battles with wild Pokemons. Through strategy, tactical decisions and on-the-fly battle moves, players can work together to defeat their opponents! Now is your chance to defeat opponents, catch wild Pokemon and create an unstoppable team!

Overview of the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market today, offering players a comprehensive library of titles and allowing them to play anywhere and anytime. The hybrid system can be used as a handheld game console and as a traditional home console when you attach it to your TV, giving gamers the ability to switch between two different modes depending on their needs. The Nintendo Switch also offers an individualized profile system that allows players to customize their experience by setting parental controls, creating user profiles, grouping friends, and more. With touch-screen capabilities and motion controls, the system also provides access to an extensive online library of digital media.

The Switch’s Joy-Con controllers provide extreme accuracy for all kinds of gameplay experiences–from casual party games to intense 1-vs-1 fighting tournaments or 4-player co-op adventures. On top of this, players can purchase additional accessories such amplifiers that provide surround sound audio from a compatible television or monitor for added entertainment value during chaotic shooting sessions. With robust features such as these, it’s no surprise that the Nintendo Switch is one of the most sought after systems in its class–especially now with Pokémon Unite launching exclusively on its platform in July!

Gameplay Features of Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is a team-based strategy game set in the Pokemon universe that will launch first on Nintendo Switch in July. This game provides players with an exciting and accessible strategy experience with five-on-five realtime battles featuring all your favorite Pokemon, including Pikachu and Charizard. Players can take on team-based battles like never before by joining forces with their pokemon to defeat opponents with powerful moves. In this game, players are able to customize their own teams by selecting a Pokemon to lead the charge as a “Leader” or join together in cooperative play for united attacks. Each Leader has special abilities that can be used to help turn the tide of battle.

The vibrant 3D world of Pokemon Unite also offers up various stages and maps for players to explore as they battle their way to victory. Players can take part in quick five versus five matches and engage in fast-paced real time cooperative battles against other Teams from around the world or challenge friends for multiplayer fun. In addition, new characters, and items will become available over time as part of regular updates. With tons of customization options available, you can let your creativity wild when it comes to building your own Teams! So come join the action at Pokémon Unite when it launches first on Nintendo Switch this July!

Benefits of Playing Pokemon Unite on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has become the go-to platform for gamers all over the world, so it’s no surprise that Pokémon Unite will launch on it first in July. The game offers some significant advantages compared to other platforms:

  • The Joy-Cons allow for incredibly precise and intuitive game play. With the addition of motion controls and HD rumble, players can feel more connected to their Pokémon like never before. Additionally, having two sets of controllers allows an easy transition from single to multi-player mode.
  • Thanks to the portability of the Nintendo Switch, gamers can enjoy Pokémon Unite anytime, anywhere – on their commute to work or during a quick coffee break! During these Corona virus lockdowns when people are stuck indoors, this portability is still as relevant and enjoyable as ever.
  • Finally, intricate details such as vibrant colors, smooth animations and special effects in battles make this game come alive on the Switch’s HD display. Combining these graphics with potent hardware specs bring an immersive experience that feels seamless and unrivalled!

Pokmon unite will launch first on nintendo switch in july

Pokemon Unite is set to launch first on Nintendo Switch in July 2021. It will be a cross-play title and will also be available on Nintendo Switch Lite, both of which support local wireless play. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will also have access to online multiplayer mode in the game. Players who purchase Pokemon Unite on the Nintendo eShop can take advantage of early access bonuses, including in-game currency, exclusive items, and other special rewards.

The game can also be bought via physical edition at select retailers worldwide as well as digitally via the Nintendo eShop with prices starting from $29.99 USD/CAD. Players who pre-purchase the digital version before June 30th will get special bonuses in-game. The physical edition includes the unique base game plus two special heat sensitive steelbook coins featuring Pikachu and Mewtwo along with a 12 page art book featuring art from the game’s development process, allowing fans a closer look at how their favorite pocket monsters were developed for inclusion into Pokemon Unite!

Pre-Order and Special Edition Bundles

One of the most exciting ways to experience Pokémon Unite is through the starter packs and pre-order bundles that are now available. Nintendo Switch owners can purchase special edition bundles that include themed digital content and a physical version of the game. Pre-ordering Pokémon Unite gives you access to early rewards, like a Pyukumuku in-game mascot, two Team Cores and an exclusive costume based on the game’s graphics.

The Special Edition Bundle packs even more iconic items for fans who want an extra dose of Pokémon fun on their travels. This bundle bundle includes custom content for your personal trainer avatar featuring Ash’s traditional outfit from Pokémon: The Series, a Pikachu character card pack in which you can choose from themed cards to write messages–perfect for sharing with friends–and a 90-day full-access subscription to Pokemon Global Link! These offers will expire on July 29th so don’t miss out!

Trailer and Screenshots

On May 26, 2021, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company released the first trailer and screenshots of their upcoming game Pokémon Unite. This unique strategy fighting game features five v five team battles that take place on a variety of maps. Players will be able to control their own Pokémon to battle against opponents controlled by computer-controlled or other human players. The trailer shows exciting gameplay scenes featuring familiar Pokémon like Pikachu and Machamp, as well as some new character designs, including coal-inspired Gengar and a flying dragon type called Noivern. It also gives fans a glimpse of some of the various arenas they’ll be able to fight in—from areas inspired by forests and deserts to more industrial-looking locations like train stations. The screenshots showcase aspects such as:

  • Character customization options
  • Cooperative play between players
  • Item selection screens for picking up objects collected on the battlefields
  • Leaderboards for the team battles
  • Hints at unlockable outfits for different characters


Pokemon Unite is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch in July, marking the first game in the series to appear on a major home console. It is an exciting new development which promises an innovative battle-arena format that allows fans to create and master the ultimate team combinations of their favorite Pokemon. With its easy-to-follow tutorials and competitive online gameplay modes, Pokemon Unite promises to deliver an enjoyable experience for players of all levels. New content will be added regularly, giving fans plenty of opportunity to explore, collect rewards and hone their strategies as they engage in battles with other players across the globe.