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Learn to Enable Cross-Play in Rainbow Six Siege


Are you an avid fan of Rainbow Six Siege? Have you been struggling to enable Cross-Play between Xbox and PlayStation? Rainbow Six Siege is one of the blockbuster first-person shooter (FPS) games in the market, and it supports cross-play between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Cross-play enables gamers across different platforms and versions of the game to play with each other on a single server in matchmaking sessions. Put an end to your worries, as we’ll be guiding you step-by-step on how to enable Cross-Play and start playing with friends!

Introduction to Cross-Play in Rainbow Six Siege

Cross-play can create cohesive communities of players who all have equal skill levels, regardless of what console they play on. It also offers wider fields for teaming up in tournaments or custom games without restrictions; for example, a team composed of both Xbox One and PC players could compete against other teams with similar setups. Because Rainbow Six Siege is an online game that heavily relies on precise teamwork and communication between players, having all team members be able to communicate directly among each other ensures that no one is at a significant disadvantage compared to other users.

With cross-play enabled, players from across different gaming platforms can effectively communicate through voice chat and coordinate their play styles more efficiently. In order to enable cross-play functionality in Rainbow Six Siege, there are some simple steps that must be taken. All you have to do is select your platform or version in your account settings and then invite friends from any supported system!

What is Cross-Play?

Cross-play is a feature that allows players on different gaming platforms to play together in the same game. This provides gamers with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of multi-platform experiences and vastly increases the size of the online player base. It also focuses on improved social connections between gamers by making it easier for them to connect and interact with each other regardless of console or platform. Currently, Rainbow Six Siege supports cross-play enabled games between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players.

In order to enjoy cross-play in Rainbow Six Siege, your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One must be associated with a registered Ubisoft account. With this account, you can then use the “Find Match” button located in the game menu to join a compatible match for playing together on either console. Cross-play can also be enabled via the “Friends” tab where you will find friends from both consoles who are logged into your Ubisoft account. Rainbow Six Siege features various improvements as part of its cross-platform development efforts such as:

  • Optimized netcode
  • Improved matchmaking system
  • Decked out leaderboards
  • Additional stats tracking across all platforms, across both PC and console versions of Rainbow Six Siege
  • Increased giving rewards across all platforms applied whenever possible.

Is rainbow six siege cross-play xbox and ps4

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege is cross-play compatible with both Xbox and PS4. This means that players on the Xbox can play alongside those on the PS4 and vice versa. Cross-play allows players across platforms to come together on one unified system, so everyone can get in on the same match and compete against each other regardless of what console they are playing on. Enabling cross-play in Rainbow Six Siege is easy and only requires a few steps. By default, Rainbow Six Siege will decide which platform you play on based off of your console preference settings when your account is created. You will need to access the game’s main menu to change this setting to play with players across multiple platforms.

  • From the main menu, navigate to Options > Multi-Platform Settings and check the box for Cross Play.
  • Once enabled, you will be able to join matches with both Xbox wearers as well as PS4 users!

Benefits of Cross-Play in Rainbow Six Siege

Cross-play in Rainbow Six Siege offers players a variety of benefits. While the main purpose of cross-play is to enable players from different platforms to play together, it also allows for a larger pool of opponents, more intense matches, increased social interaction betweens friends who are on different platforms as well as better matchmaking. The improved matchmaking system provides more accurate team balancing and easier access to find suitable opponents since there are now many more players from both the Xbox One and PS4 versions entering the same queues. Ultimately, enabling Cross-Play in Rainbow Six Siege will allow gamers to experience an enjoyable competitive session with their friends regardless of the console they own.

In addition to improved matchmaking capabilities, Cross-Play allows gamers on Xbox One and PS4 to enjoy competitive online multiplayer experiences together. Players can create their own groups with friends or team up with strangers in various game modes thanks to cross-play compatibility. This boosts the overall multiplayer experience allowing gamers from both platforms engage in intense battles while competing against each other on vastly different gaming machines. Additionally, being able to game with a friend regardless of platform encourages further cooperation which in turn makes for an even better experience!

How to Enable Cross-Play in Rainbow Six Siege

Cross-play is now available in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and enables players of the game to team up across different platforms, regardless of whether their friends are playing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. For example, you can now join a party with friends who play on different gaming platforms in the same lobby to take on challenging objectives together. If you want to get started with cross-play, you’ll need to make sure your console or PC has updated to the latest version of the game and follows these steps:

  1. Launch Rainbow Six Siege and select ‘Create Party.’
  2. Select ‘Online’ when choosing your party members.
  3. Press ‘Cross-Play Platform Party Menu’ and then hit ‘Invite Players’ to invite Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC gamers into the game.
  4. This will open a pop-up menu where you can invite all your friends who play on different gaming platforms under one roof and turn on cross-play in Rainbow Six Siege!
  5. Choose your preferred gaming platform when inviting others into the game, so that everyone uses it when joining up as a team before teaming up together against other players’ lobbies or bots during cooperative play modes like Terrorist Hunt mode.

Tips and Strategies for Cross-Play in Rainbow Six Siege

First off, before you can experience all the advantages that come with cross-play enabled games, you must make sure to have it turned on. For the Xbox One version of the game this option is automatically enabled for those who have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. On PlayStation 4 however, the enablement option is disabled by default and needs to be activated manually from within settings before playing your first game or inviting friends from other platforms to your group. Once cross-play has been properly enabled for Rainbow Six Siege players in all platforms will be able to join each other’s open lobbies or create custom ones that can incorporate users from different systems. It should also be noted that only ranked public matches are available when using rainbow six siege cross-play between Xbox and PS4 so if you desire a custom lobby along with friends it should be done without matchmaking services; instead users ‘Invite Friends’ over private matches against AI opponents if applicable.

Cross-play makes sure that everyone can enjoy participating in Rainbow Six Siege despite which system they bought their consoles on and can help eliminate lag created by a lack of connections when searching lobbies online. We hope these tips and strategies helped clarify how Rainbow Six Siege supports interconnectivity across platforms making it easier than ever for PlayStation 4 shooters along with those on Xbox One or PC to become even more effective operators teamed up together against real world threats!

Troubleshooting Cross-Play Issues in Rainbow Six Siege

Cross-play between Xbox, PlayStation and PC provides many opportunities for Rainbow Six Siege players. However, it’s not always clear how to enable this feature on all platforms. If you’re having difficulty with cross-play in Rainbow Six Siege, there are a few tips that may help. Before troubleshooting, please be sure that all systems are running the most up to date version of the game. All players should have the same rules enabled on their servers. Additionally, ensure that all accounts have been linked prior to playing together in Ranked or Unranked configurations. If issues still persist after taking these steps, check the following:

  • Make sure your NAT type is open or moderate for all applicable systems.
  • Delete any previously existing session if you are unable to continue cross-platform play after trying a different match format or server type.
  • Check your region settings and make sure they match up between platforms.
  • Console players should toggle Crossplay Off then On again during and between matches.


In conclusion, Rainbow Six Siege does offer cross-platform gaming for both Xbox and PlayStation 4 users. The only way to ensure you are playing with your friends is to enable the in-game cross-play feature. Players should familiarize themselves with the game’s advanced options menu and take the necessary steps to enable cross-play before embarking on their Rainbow Six Siege journey. Doing so will not only provide a more enjoyable experience, but it can also help players work together more efficiently and discover new strategies on the battlefield.