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The Gameplay of Marvel vs Capcom

Do you want to level up your gaming experience by challenging the Marvel vs Capcom characters? Get ready to engage in a thrilling fight that will test your tactical prowess and keep you on the edge of your seat. With Marvel vs Capcom for Nintendo Switch, you’ll be diving into intense and unforgettable battles!

Introduction to Marvel vs Capcom

Marvel vs Capcom is a crossover fighting game series that features characters from both Capcom franchises and the Marvel Comics Universe. The series has its origins in arcades as early as 1996, before becoming a major franchise on console gaming. It is best known for its tag team battling mechanics, which allows players to select two or three characters at once to fight against an opponent’s team of the same size. A staple of the series is that it pits characters from widely different genres – namely, fighting games and comic books – in an all-out war. This often results in fights between unlikely adversaries.

The series has also become quite successful among both casual and competitive players due to its large character roster, exciting gameplay mechanics and stellar soundtrack. With over 50 Arcade iterations, the franchise continues to build on its legacy with improved visuals, new characters, enhanced game modes and expanded accessibility. The most recent installment of the series was released for Nintendo Switch in 2019 – Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite – which introduces a completely new dimension feature dubbed ‘Infinity Stones’ into the mix.

Overview of the Marvel vs Capcom Gameplay

Marvel vs Capcom is the first crossover fighting game developed by the studio for the Nintendo Switch console. It pits two teams of three characters from both Marvel Comics and Capcom universes together in a battle for supremacy. Marvel vs Capcom is a classic, team-based fighting game that has been around since 1996 and brings back classic visuals and modernized controls to give gamers an unforgettable experience.

The game features all the classic mechanics of a fighting game including simple combos, special moves, super moves, Infinity Stones and assists that let players call upon their partner characters to help out in battle. Meanwhile, Team Aerial mode allows you to swap out characters even during combos as well as tag in your partner characters to unleash devastating attacks. Players can also make use of the switch’s unique feature set to customize their specialty moves as well as tactical strategies with access stored on Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers.

The ability to assemble custom teams of three players characterized each by their outlooks, styles and stories keeps gamers eager while they fight across various arenas from iconic locations such as Planet X or Metro City from Marvel’s world and Raccoon City from Capcom’s. Each character comes with its own set of skills and personalities that makes them excitingly powerful within their boundaries allowing beginner level gamers able to grasp the basics and more experienced ones go into great depth with custom strategies knowing which actions best feeds off of another fighter on his side. Also competitive battles may be taken online through local playability so there are plenty of opportunities for either practice or bragging about one victory over another player via social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

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Character Selection in Marvel vs Capcom

Marvel vs Capcom (MvC) is an action-packed fighting game allowing players to select a team of 3 characters from a roster of characters and battle it out in a two-on-two tag team match. The “MvC” game series has enjoyed huge success on gaming consoles since its first iteration, released in 1998. When beginning a game of “MvC”, the main menu usually allows users to select either a single player or multiplayer mode. In the single player mode of Marvel vs Capcom, players will be given a range of predetermined teams made up of 3 specific characters picked by the computer at random.

However, if users choose the multiplayer mode they are free to select whichever characters and team composition they would like. Depending on if you have chosen to play against CPU or another human opponent, character selection in Marvel vs Capcom may differ slightly. When fighting an AI character you must select from three preselected presets or create one that suits your individual style preference. If playing in multiplayer players are allowed complete control over their team composition with only three constraints:

  • Your team must include at least one character from both Marvel and Capcom universes.
  • No more than two characters from any single franchise can be chosen for each team.
  • Each character is assigned classes that may further restrict certain teams; some classes are unable to fight against similar ones while lighter weight classes may be unable to compete against heavier opponents etc.

This will provide multiple run-throughs as no two matches will ever play the same way twice!

Fighting Mechanics in Marvel vs Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom is an action-packed, two-player fighting game that pits Marvel’s iconic superheroes and villains against characters from Capcom’s popular video games. Marvel vs. Capcom was originally released in 1998, and has been released on various platforms since then. The latest release of the game is available on the Nintendo Switch, and features new mechanics and improved graphics. Thankfully, the basics of the game have stayed relatively similar across the various releases.

The main objective of Marvel vs. Capcom is to deplete your opponent’s health bar by attacking them with light and heavy attacks, special moves, and combos known as tagteam attacks. Players can fill up their special meter to unleash powerful Hyper Combos which cause massive amounts of damage to opponents. Unlike most tag team fighting games which allow for multiple characters to battle at once onscreen, Marvel vs Capcom only allows for two characters on each side at any given moment but players can ‘tag out’ their current character for an alternate one during a fight in order to extend combo strings or bring in a character better suited for closing out a duel quickly.

In addition to this standard gameplay setup, there are several other unique mechanics that make up a match such as:

  • Escape Moves (letting players teleport away from corner clutters)
  • Air Recovery (letting players bounce off walls during knockdowns)
  • Snap Backs (forcing opponents to switch characters)
  • Cross Rushes (enhanced versions of Tag Team attacks).

On top of this intense fighting system lies an expansive cast of characters hailing from both universes along with expansive Single Player content including:

  • Arcade Mode
  • Training Modes
  • Mission Modes
  • Online competition
  • Replay systems
  • Leaderboards
  • And more

– all built into one exhaustive package that aims to deliver maximum satisfaction regardless of your gaming style or skill level!

Special Moves in Marvel vs Capcom

An important part of any fighting game is the special moves that the characters can use in order to defeat their opponents. In Marvel vs Capcom, each character has their own unique set of moves that they can use in battle. To execute these moves, players need to press certain button combinations on the controller. The first type of special move is a Hyper Combo. These combos are some of the most powerful attacks available in Marvel vs Capcom, as they inflict a great amount of damage upon the opponent. To activate a Hyper Combo, players must press two Red buttons, one Yellow button and one Blue button at once.

Once executed correctly, their character will perform an impressive attack, with pauses for dramatic effect in between hits – these pauses can be used to connect other combos for even more devastating damage! The second type of special move is called an Air Hyper Combo. These are variations on Hyper Combos that allow characters to launch into midair and then commence attacking from above and below simultaneously. To initiate an Air Hyper Combo, players need to press two Red buttons and two Yellow buttons at once. Once executed correctly, their character will launch forward into midair before attacking from either side with immense force!

These two types of specials are only scratching the surface when it comes to available movesets in Marvel vs Capcom – each character has its own set of Specials and Supers Moves that allow players to devastate opponents with creativity and style! Experimentation is key when attempting new and interesting combos – success may depend on coming up with something totally original!

Strategies for Winning in Marvel vs Capcom

When playing Marvel vs Capcom on the Nintendo Switch, understanding the basic mechanics and strategies can help you become a better player. A core strategy in this game is learning how to effectively counter opponent’s attacks. This can help you take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses and make them more predictable when choosing your own attacks. Another effective approach is familiarizing yourself with both the moveset of your character and their matchups against other characters. Knowing when to stay or jump back, or when to block or parry an attack is vital for creating optimal combos and preventing damage from them.

It’s also important to properly use assists from other characters, as they can be used to add extra damage to combos or provide extra protection from incoming attacks. Finally, you should also spend time strategizing about battle structure. Being aware of which character leads a fight, correctly spacing out moves for maximum damage, using direct utilization of team assists and properly using Ultimate Attacks are all critical elements in becoming a more successful Marvel vs Capcom player on the Nintendo Switch. With these tips, it should be easier for players to create optimal strategies tailored specifically to their playing styles.

Marvel vs capcom nintendo switch

Marvel vs Capcom on Nintendo Switch is an intense and fast-paced fighting game that features characters from two of gaming’s largest universes. Players choose their team of three Marvel and/or Capcom characters and jump into the fray, using a unique blend of offensive and defensive abilities to defeat their opponents. The roster includes iconic favorites like Iron Man, Wolverine, Ryu, Mega Man and Morrigan as well as lesser known fighters like Sentinel, Akuma and Tron Bonne. The game supports up to 4 players in both online and local play so you can bring friends along for the ride or find some new challengers online.

With 4 characters on each side it’s an incredibly fast-paced battle – so players need to stay on their toes if they want to come out on top. Each character has a unique set of moves, special attacks and super combos which you can use to create your own playstyle – choosing when to get in close for rushdown attacks or when to keep your distance with ranged fighters. There’s also the ability to switch between characters mid-battle giving you the chance to use a different fighter against your opponents tactics. With all these features combined it creates an exhilarating gaming experience!


In conclusion, Marvel vs Capcom is a great game for those who prioritize excitement and fast-paced action when playing fighting games. With two teams of 3 players, there’s enough variety to create multiple strategies and take advantage of every character’s unique abilities. The fact that the game can be played on different devices makes it even more enjoyable.

Finally, the amazing graphics and cutting edge soundtrack add to the overall experience and create an immersive world where super heroes clash with each other in epic battles. With all the variety available, Marvel vs Capcom can provide hours of entertainment for all types of players. Whether you’re a fan of Marvel or Capcom or just want an exciting game to play with friends – this is definitely worth picking up for its intense fighting mechanics, excellent graphics and ever-expanding roster of characters to choose from.