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The Most Popular i7 Macbook Pro For Your Needs

Apple produces a great variety of laptops, particularly their Macbooks. If you are looking for power and performance, an i7 Macbook Pro can be a good choice. However, with so many different configurations to choose from it can be hard to decide which one is best for your particular needs.

This guide will help you understand the different i7 macbook pro models available and help you find the model that suits your requirements. We’ll break down all the important specs like processors, RAM, storage and more so you can make an informed selection for your Macbook Pro.

Design and Build Quality

The i7 Macbook Pro is renowned for its modern design, enabling you to stay productive and entertained. The design is also great for consumers that care about the form of their laptop, as the Macbook Pro comes with a sleek and stylish brushed aluminum finish.

In terms of build quality, the i7 Macbook Pro is one of the top-of-the-line laptops around the market. Let’s discuss the design and build quality in detail.


When it comes to the design and build quality of the latest iteration of the i7 MacBook Pro, users should expect nothing less than excellence in display. The Retina technology provides an incredibly crisp, vibrant, and responsive picture with four times more pixels than a standard 1080p display. Colors are rich and accurate, while still maintaining a wide gamut that can handle high-end editing and graphic design with ease.

Not only that but the 500 nits viewing angle makes certain you get amazing visuals from multiple angles no matter where you’re viewing from. Furthermore, there are built-in anti-reflective coating as well as a True Tone technology for more natural colors no matter what sort of room illumination you’re in. All these create an experience that’s cinematic like quality with its 6 million pixel display ensures blowing away any expectation that users may have.

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Keyboard and Trackpad

When it comes to the design and build quality of the i7 Macbook Pro, there are two essential features that need to be considered; the backlit keyboard and the trackpad.

  • The backlit keys provide a comfortable typing experience, as well as making it easy to hit the right keys in dark situations.
  • The large trackpad supports multi-touch gestures for quick navigation, allowing you to comfortably move around your display without reaching for a mouse.

Both of these features add convenience and ease of use when compared to other laptops with cramped keyboards or external input devices.

Ports and Connectivity

The ports and connectors on a laptop are of the utmost importance if you want flexibility and expandability. How many USB Type-A connections? Are they USB 3.1, 3.2 or the lightning-fast Thunderbolt 3? Is there an HDMI port for connecting to external monitors? Do you have DisplayPort, Ethernet and/or other multimedia connections for headphones, speakers or external storage devices?

The MacBook Pro has every connection you could possibly need. It includes four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports that each provide up to 40 Gbps of bandwidth for data transfer, video streaming, and charging. There’s also one full-size HDMI 2.0 port which is great for connecting an external display or projector. You can even connect to a wired Ethernet network with the optional add-on module for super fast data transfer speeds up to 10gbps. Additionally, there are two standard USB Type-A ports that accept a wide range of input devices.


When looking for the best i7 MacBook Pro, performance should be at the top of your list. The processor speed and RAM, as well as the graphics processing power, can vastly impact the performance of your laptop.

In this section, we will look at the performance benefits of the different i7 MacBook Pro models to find the one that best suits your needs.


The processor is the brain of your computer and plays a huge role in how your machine performs. When it comes to i7 MacBook Pros, you have a few customized options regarding their processor.

The standard i7 MacBook Pro features a 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache and 8GB of memory that can be upgraded up to 32GB. If you require even more speed, the highest performance model offers a 2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 4.8GHz) with 12MB shared L3 cache, upgraded memory options and AMD Radeon Pro graphic processors for optimized graphics performance and power efficiency suitable for complex projects such as extreme gaming, 4K video editing, visual effects and content creation workflows involving large data sets on multiple screens or high resolution displays expect less lags or delays when completing tasks.

Both models are equipped with the latest 8th generation 8-Core Intel Core processors that are up to twice as powerful than their predecessors making them perfect for any task you may throw at them such as multi-tasking or intensive computer applications like 3d max or photoshop workflows where speed is essential in terms of productivity and performance – so if you’re looking for the best i7 Macbook Pro for all around computing needs these are great options.


When it comes to graphics, the MacBook Pro performance is top-notch. It uses Intel Iris Plus Graphics for a wide range of tasks – from games to video editing to 3D rendering. The latest Intel Iris technology allows for more powerful and efficient processing, allowing you to do more in less time.

The i7 processor also has integrated support for both eDRAM (external Data Random Access Memory) and discrete graphics chipsets from AMD, including Radeon Pro Vega 20, Radeon Pro Vega 16, Radeon Pro 560x and Radeon Pro 555x. This provides near-studio quality performance and impeccable visuals when used with an external display. Its power is enough to give you stunning visuals with cinematic editing or gaming titles like Call of Duty: WW2 or Overwatch at medium settings.


When choosing the best i7 macbook pro for your needs, one important consideration is memory. Memory can be expressed in terms of RAM or random access memory. This is where your computer stores information while it is running and being used.

The recommended amount of RAM needed will vary depending on what tasks you plan to use your macbook for, but a good starting point for a high-end laptop like the i7 macbook pro is 8GB of RAM.

Upgrading to 16GB or 32GB, if possible, can give you more power and faster loading times. Consider what type of multitasking and intense applications you are planning to run at once on your laptop when deciding the best amount of RAM for your needs. Furthermore, consider using external hard drives as additional sources of storage space in cases where more room may be necessary.


Storage is a major factor to consider when purchasing an i7 Macbook Pro. Depending on the model, you can find either 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB solid-state drives (SSD) in most of the latest Macbook Pro laptops. It is important to understand that a larger storage capacity does not necessarily equate to faster speeds; instead, it reflects how much data and files you can store on your computer. Your chosen storage size also depends heavily on your particular needs as well as your budget.

For instance, if you are a creative professional who requires vast amounts of data storage for editing projects or gaming purposes then it would be worth investing in a high-capacity SSD such as 512GB which is available on some models of Macbook Pro. On the flip side, if you mainly use your laptop for basic computing tasks such as emails, web browsing and watching movies then a lower capacity like 128GB might be enough for you.

When shopping around for an i7 Macbook Pro it’s also important to review any additional ports and connections available on the machine such as:

  • Lightening or Thunderbolt ports;
  • additional USB ports;
  • HDMI output etc., allowing you to connect external displays and peripherals according to your specific needs.

While considering all these factors try not to invest too much into any one feature – choose wisely based on overall value and functionality that best meets your individual needs.

Battery Life

When choosing an i7 Macbook Pro, battery life should be taken into consideration. If you are someone who is always on the go, having a laptop with good battery life will be essential.

The current i7 MacBook Pros offer up to 10 hours of wireless web browsing and up to 11 hours of iTunes movie playback, so you can get a lot done without having to worry about recharging your device. They also feature low power consumption when idle and the ability to switch into sleep mode almost instantly while not in use.

In addition, Apple claims that their latest i7 MacBook Pros come with a ‘built-in lithium-polymer battery that’s remarkably long-lasting’ allowing users to stay untethered for days on end. Depending how intensely you are using your laptop, you should expect 7 – 10 hours of battery life depending on the model of Macbook Pro that you purchased.

m1 vs i7 macbook pro

When it comes to the question of which processor is better between the m1-powered MacBook Pro and the i7-powered MacBook Pro, there are a few key factors to consider.

If you’re looking for performance and speed, then the m1 chip is definitely your best choice. It offers significantly faster speeds compared to the i7 chip, as well as better energy efficiency. This can be incredibly beneficial for tasks such as video editing or gaming.

The i7 chip does have its own advantages however. The biggest one being its upgradability – allowing you more flexibility in terms of future upgrades when needed. So depending on if performance and speed are your priority now versus being able to upgrade in the future is an important factor in deciding which laptop would be better suited for your needs.


When it comes to Macbook Pro laptops with an Intel i7 processor, you have a lot of options. Many of the models come with great features that can suit most users. But to make sure you get the best performance for your particular needs and budget, it’s important to carefully consider which configuration and components are best for you.

For starters, consider what type of tasks and workloads will be expected from your laptop. Heavy multimedia creators who need maximum power should look for models with dedicated graphics cards, more RAM and larger SSDs. For faster multitasking performance on lighter workloads, prioritize models that include Turbo Boost technology and higher clock speeds. Those who use their laptop mainly for web browsing or general applications should look for lighter options with solid-state drives instead of hard drives – or opt for a Chromebook over a MacBook Pro if portability is the highest priority.

Other factors to consider include battery life, warranty coverage and accessories such as additional ports that may be missing on some model Macbooks Pro laptops. Ultimately, the decision will come down to whether the additional cost outweighs any benefits in terms of performance or functionality – so always compare prices carefully before making a purchase.