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Streaming Your Switch to Discord

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Are you a Nintendo Switch enthusiast looking to show off your gaming skills? Look no further! With this guide, you’ll learn how to easily stream your Switch directly to Discord in just a few simple steps. Get ready to share your highs and lows with the world, and take your gaming experience up a notch!


Streaming your Nintendo Switch to Discord is a great way to share your gaming experiences with friends, family, and other gamers around the world. Discord is an online voice and text chat platform specifically designed for gaming communities. You can create a chatroom for your game group, join in someone else’s chatroom, or just play with anyone who is looking for gamers to game with. By streaming your Nintendo Switch to Discord, you can easily bring everyone together for some multiplayer action – no matter where everyone is located.

In this guide, we will show you how to stream your Nintendo Switch on Discord in just a few easy steps! We’ll also provide some tips on optimizing the streaming quality of your Nintendo Switch streams, as well as some tricks to make it easier and more enjoyable. So, if you want to start broadcasting online today and make gaming with friends even more fun – let’s dive right in!

Benefits of Streaming Nintendo Switch on Discord

Streaming your Nintendo Switch to Discord has become increasingly popular in recent years. Discord offers a unique platform for users to connect and share their gaming experiences, and streaming games directly from your Nintendo Switch offers some distinct advantages. By streaming your Nintendo Switch on Discord, you can easily join or create public channels where other gamers can watch your gameplay while making comments and suggestions while playing. This provides a more interactive experience than just playing alone, which can make the game more enjoyable overall.

Discord also allows gamers to stream their games at high resolutions and low latency, as opposed to Twitch which uses proprietary codecs that may cause lag or buffering issues during game streaming sessions. Moreover, the quality of the audio output on Discord is higher than what is possible with Twitch due to better compression algorithms. This can result in improved audio clarity and the ability to hear footsteps or other subtle sound cues from further away in-game which can give you a competitive edge. Additionally, Sign up for Nitro subscribers are able to stream at higher resolutions for an improved streaming experience!

Required Hardware and Software

If you want to contribute to the Switch streaming community by broadcasting your gaming session on Discord, there are certain components and software you will need. First and foremost, the basic hardware you need is a Nintendo Switch console, an HDMI cord that connects your Nintendo Switch to a TV or monitor, and a capture card that allows you to broadcast streaming videos on Discord. While some cards use USB cables as well, others have their own external power source. Additionally, make sure both your computer and console have internet access so they can communicate with each other during livestreaming.

Along with the hardware requirements of streaming your Nintendo Switch on Discord come software requirements. To make sure everything runs smoothly without any lags or interruptions during gameplay, you must set up an encoder program–software designed specifically for livestreaming purposes–on your computer. Make sure the laptop or PC running the streaming setup meets the minimum specs of encoder programs and operating systems; otherwise, it can cause further problems during gameplay. You’ll also need broadcasting software installed so you can link up with Discord and share videos directly from your platform onto its servers. Finally, if you are doing any type of creative editing before streaming onto Discord, then certain basic video editing programs should also be present on your computer for that purpose as well.

How to stream nintendo switch on discord

Discord has become one of the most popular platforms for gamers to communicate with each other and play games together. It offers many features, such as voice and text chat, sharing images and videos, etc. With the help of third-party apps, it is now possible to stream your Nintendo Switch games to Discord in order to play with friends all over the world. In this guide, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to Stream Nintendo Switch on Discord in Windows 10 so you can start playing today. Before you can begin streaming your Nintendo Switch on Discord, there are a few steps you will need to take:

  1. Install the latest version of Discord on your computer
  2. Install xviconf program which allows you to stream from your computer over Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  3. Download and install PPSSPP emulator for Windows 10
  4. Configure PPSSPP emulator for streaming on Discord
  5. Link the console through PPSSPP using local Wi-Fi connection
  6. Invite friends over to your server and start playing!

It should be noted that this guide is only applicable for those using Windows 10 computers as the instructions might differ in other operating systems due to different interface layout and applications used by those systems. Also make sure that both your computer’s internet connection and Nintendo Switch’s local area network are strong enough in order for successful streaming of your game on Discord servers so anyone participating will experience minimal lags or delays during playtime!

Tips for Optimizing Your Streaming Quality

If you are eager to start streaming your Nintendo Switch games on Discord, it pays to be aware of some general tips that can help ensure the best connection and highest quality streaming experience. Before diving into the technical details, it’s important to note that all Nintendo Switch game consoles have a wired connection port, which is crucial for establishing a suitable internet connection.  As such, when preparing for your stream, make sure you have all the necessary networking equipment available and securely plugged in. Once the network is set up properly and functioning without complications, streamers can work on optimizing their streaming quality by making several key adjustments. Some considerations include the following:

  1. Establish a suitable resolution: Generally speaking, live streams are preferable with reasonably high resolutions (e.g., 1080p), as this offers viewers a better sense of quality while watching your content.
  2. Configure appropriate latency: Latency must be carefully configured as it can drastically affect both playback smoothness and overall user experience. A contributing factor in achieving an optimal latency setting is choosing an appropriate encoder quality – higher encoder qualities provide noticeably better audio and video performance but cause more strain on network infrastructure at the same time.
  3. Choose your streaming frame rate wisely: While higher frame rates generally deliver superior motion quality in streams, setting too high rates can diminish overall performance reliability due to increased strain on resources like bandwidth or CPU/GPU processing capabilities. As such, finding an appropriate balance is often necessary for obtaining satisfactory results – typically from 30fps–60fps should suffice nicely for most scenarios.

By familiarizing yourself with these basics, you should be able to not only set up a reliable network for live streaming but also optimize key elements like latency or resolution according to preferences or system requirements.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you’ve successfully linked your Nintendo Switch to your Discord account and are having difficulty streaming, there are a few troubleshooting steps to consider that may help resolve the issue.

  1. Check System Settings: The first step is to open the System Settings menu on your Nintendo Switch and ensure all settings including Network, Privacy & Online Settings are configured as they should be. You may also verify that Share Content through Third Party Services is enabled.
  2. Check Discord Settings: Next, navigate to the Discord settings page inside of your Discord application to confirm that video streaming is enabled and properly configured in the General tab. In addition, make sure the Screen Share mode is set to “Game Capture” and select your Nintendo Switch from the list of available devices for capture.
  3. Reconnect Peripheral Devices: If you’re still not able able to stream successfully, disconnect any peripherals (e.g., controllers) from the console and reconnect them securely prior to attempting another live stream session on Discord. If this does not resolve the issue, you may want to fully power-cycle your console for good measure before continuing with further troubleshooting steps.
  4. Clear Console Cache: To ensure best performance of both hardware and software components of Nintendo switch system, it’s recommended periodically clearing cache data stored in “System Memory” on your switch device by opening up Home menu > Power Options menu > selecting “Restart” with right joycon button -> pressing A-button again > selecting “Rebooted with Clear Cache Data (Power off + Refresh CMOS)*”. Please allow few minutes upon completion for full system restarting before opening up preferred game title & proceeding with next step:
  5. Reinstalling Streaming Application: As last resort if all previous methods have failed, try reinstalling application used for streaming content directly on console itself – this could potentially resolve locked out or obstructed functionality previously encountered due various firmware-level discrepancies or other 3rd party applications/drivers conflicts causing synchronization issues between two systems thus preventing proper technology linkage which main goal is smooth transition between gaming experience when connected remotely (using same type typeset eg playstation/xbox etc).
  6. Seek Support from Manufacturer & Platform Provider: Finally, if all previous steps fails try reaching out manufacturer / platform provider support team directly via dedicated product helpline number or online customer service channel funded on particular platform itself where qualified technicians can further investigate underlying core cause preventing successful connection within two systems & handle any technical matter through remote device diagnostics/troubleshoot tools provided as part final package owned version.


In conclusion, streaming your Nintendo Switch to Discord is a very easy process and is a great way to share your favorite gaming moments with friends. You can stream directly from the console using Share Play, or you can use a capture card such as the Elgato HD60 S to stream from your TV. With any of these options, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome gaming session!