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Rainbow Six Siege Tips


Struggling to stay ahead of the competition in Rainbow Six Siege? Worry not! This article contains the essential tips and tricks you need to succeed. You’ll also get all the info on when the new operators are released to up your game and defeat your rivals. Take a step closer to becoming an unstoppable force with our guide! Here are the essential tips and tricks you need to succeed:


Rainbow Six Siege is an intense and ever-evolving team shooter from Ubisoft. Developed in partnership with pro gamers from around the globe, Rainbow Six Siege offers players many game types and strategies that require quick positioning, intel gathering, and skillful use of special operators. The newest edition to the Rainbow Six family of games is sure to bring a new level of tactics and strategy to online shootouts.

The Rainbow Six team continuously adds new Operators to the game so players can continue to mix up their strategies with new abilities, gadgets and counterparts for existing Operators. New Operators come out alongside new seasons called Yearly Edition (Y4S) which have a Special Event called Pro League Finals where teams showcase their skills in choosing strategies involving different operatives from both Attack side & Defender side. Some Y4S also has Operator balancing updates that change the behavior of some ops when it comes to weapon accuracy, damage reduction or gadget manipulation so keep an eye out for those!

Overview of Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a 5v5 online shooter published by Ubisoft. It was released in December 2015 and continues to be one of the leading shooters in the industry. The game features intense, tactical combat between two teams, each of which is comprised of five Operators with unique abilities and equipment. The game includes many different maps that have been specifically designed to provide tactical opportunities and challenge both teams throughout their rounds. Every Operator class (Attacker or Defender) has access to different pieces of equipment, allowing each team to come up with unique strategies that suit their playstyle. Additionally, it features a wide range of unique gadgets, some offensive and some defensive.

Since its launch in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has received regular updates that add new Operators, gadgets and maps as well as other content such as seasonal events and patches that tweak gameplay mechanics or patch up any issues players may encounter while playing the game. As such, the content within Rainbow Six Siege is ever-evolving – ensuring players always stay engaged by tentatively awaiting new operators or map updates before testing out their newest strategies on the battlefield!

What are Operators?

Operators are playable characters in the Rainbow Six Siege game. Each Operator has unique weapons, gadgets and play styles. These Operators can be used to customize your squad and play style. With over 50 Operators to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which operators to play and how best to use them. The newest season of Rainbow Six Siege brings a new set of Operators every 3 months or so. These new Operators often have abilities that can drastically change the way players approach the game.

It is important for seasoned players to stay up-to-date on when the new operators come out for Rainbow Six Siege so they can stay ahead of their opponents in terms of tactics and strategies. However, new operators may not always be immediately available as they are often released in phases over a period of weeks rather than all at once. The schedule for release varies from season-to-season, so it is important to check the operator’s arrival date before joining the battlegrounds!

When do the new operators come out for rainbow six siege

New Operators are added to Rainbow Six Siege on an almost yearly basis. Generally speaking, new Operators usually arrive in Year 4 and Year 5 Seasons (Seasons include two Operation Subs that are released within that single Season). The start of each new Season is marked by the release of a downloadable content pack containing at least two new playable Operators for either attack or defense. Aside from the initial free download, these DLC Packs can be purchased as part of in-game microtransactions or by purchasing the season pass.

Each Season typically runs from a few months to over a year and typically takes the form of several themed ‘Operations’, which introduce new map changes, challenges, cosmetics, and more. As each Operation Sub-Season passes and brings with it more content patches and other changes to Siege’s online environment so too do DLC Packs unlock once again when each Ubisoft game title season ends – sometimes referred to as ‘Operation Grinding’. At this point Year 4 or 5 operators will become available once again with any associated release date news confirming exactly when they’ll be made available along with their respective patch notes.

Tips for Playing with New Operators

When Ubisoft releases a new season of Rainbow Six Siege content, it includes a set of new Operators that can be unlocked with in-game currency or purchased with real money. These unique characters each have their own special ability and gadget, as well as different loadouts for when you’re on offense or defense. To truly make the most of these new Operators and help your team win, here are some tips for when you’re playing with them.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the new Operator’s playstyle and ability before jumping into a game. Map knowledge is key to using the Operators effectively—knowing which Operator best suits each position will give you an edge over your opponents.
  2. Practice teamwork while playing with the new Operator. Focus on working together to complete objectives and clutching rounds—you’ll have more success if everyone has an understanding of how to use their abilities. Working together also ensures that everyone is on the same page so you can make quick decisions in order to counter your opponents’ strategy.
  3. Take initiative by calling out enemy positions or operating tactics that benefit your team. Giving directions makes it easier to set up fast flanks or rotations so that everyone knows where they should be at any given time.

Strategies for Using New Operators

Learning to use new Operators in Rainbow Six Siege can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some strategies that can make the process a bit easier. By utilizing the tools these new Operators provide, you may find yourself taking more control of each encounter and coming out on top. To get accustomed to a new Operator’s gadgets and abilities, it’s important to first understand what they bring to combat. Familiarize yourself with abilities such as Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb or Castle’s Reforging Armors by studying them during the deployment phase, prior to a match. Understand their effects and how to best counterplay them against your opponents.

Before beginning any fight, strategize where you will deploy your Operator’s gadgets on the map; choose their proper locations before attacking or defending objectives. Make sure you consider areas of advantage for propelling offensive movement onto objectives or denying vantage points for enemies attempting to come in from behind your team’s position – but always take into account intel regarding other Operators being utilized by the enemy team when selecting strategic locations for gadgets ahead of time. It is essential that you figure out when or where extreme caution needs to be applied with certain Operator abilities before activating them; learn which actions will put your team into an unfavorable position so that you can use those gadgets and features in ways that benefit your team instead of putting them at risk midway through a match – and aiming for those decisive moments through coordinated pushes or carefully-timed deployments can give your squad the edge they need!


Recently, Ubisoft released Operation Steel Wave, the latest expansion of its popular team-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege. New operators Ace and Melusi are now available in the game. With Ace’s MPX SMG and Melusi’s Banshee impact gadget, players have a whole new approach to defending objectives or attacking opponents. Both of these operators have a range of playstyles that adeptly fit the various strategies unlocked by Steel Wave.

Using these new Rainbow Six Siege operators can lead to some interesting and innovative approaches to tactics and level design, so understanding their strengths is essential for any veteran or newbie alike. So strap in, be patient as you learn how to use these powerful additions to your roster of defenders and attackers, get creative with your team makeup choices, and prepare for more intense matches with your friends.