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Is It Possible to Play the Switch Without Motion Controls?

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Are you struggling to find a way to play the Nintendo Switch without motion controls? You’re not alone! In this article, we’ll show you how to turn off motion controls on your Nintendo Switch so you can enjoy a more traditional gaming experience. Now, let’s get started!


The Nintendo Switch is a console designed for gaming on the go, but what happens when you don’t want to take advantage of the motion controls? Thankfully, it’s possible to play your favorite games on the Switch without relying on motion controls. In this article, we will explain how to turn off motion controls on the Nintendo Switch so that you can enjoy your games without worrying about motion sensors.

  • First and foremost we will explain what exactly motion controls are and why they are used in gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch.
  • We will then go into how you can turn them off in the settings menu of your console, as well as some of the pros and cons of playing without them if you are interested in doing so.
  • Finally, we will provide a helpful list of compatible games that allow you to bypass motion controls and enjoy your gaming experience without any disruption.

What is Motion Control?

Motion controls are a feature of the Nintendo Switch console that allows gamers to interact with their environment by physically moving the controllers. This feature is particularly useful in certain games, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which allow players to drift through turns and use hand gestures to take out enemies. It can also be used with compatible Joy-Con controllers for more immersive and realistic experiences. Motion controls are one of many features that make the Nintendo Switch a unique gaming platform.

But, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to use motion controls, it’s easy to turn them off on your Switch. Here’s how:

  1. Go into your Home Menu and select “Controllers” from the Settings tab.
  2. Then select “Motion Controls” and toggle the setting to “Off”.

You should now be all set to play without motion controls enabled on your Nintendo Switch!

Benefits of Motion Controls

One of the key features of the Nintendo Switch is its motion controls, a system that allows players to move their Joy-Con controllers in order to control things in game. Motion controls help bring a level of immersion to various games, and can turn an otherwise mundane experience into something much more exciting.

The motion controls are most heavily used when playing motion-controlled games such as “Arms” or “Super Mario Party”, but many other games on the Switch utilize motion in different ways. Motion can be added to first-person shooters to help make aiming easier, and it can even be used for smaller tasks like manipulating menus. Players will find that motion control opens up a wide variety of options for interfacing with their console and games.

Overall, using motion controllers can enhance gameplay significantly. With this feature activated, players have access to a vast array of responsive commands and actions that feel much more intuitive than working with traditional buttons or sticks alone. The ability to lighten some of the load on more complicated movements while still having flexibility and accuracy makes it very easy for people of all skill levels to enjoy their time with a game.

Disadvantages of Motion Controls

Motion controls on Nintendo Switch allow players to experience engaging and immersive gaming experiences by using the gyroscope and accelerometer in the Joy-Cons or Pro Controller. While motion controls can provide a unique interactive element to games, they also come with some disadvantages. For example, motion control sensitivity can be difficult to adjust. The level of accuracy and detail needed for motion control is often unpredictable and difficult to change depending on individual preferences.

This can lead to issues such as obstacles being harder to overcome or the cursor missing items you’re trying to select. Motion controls may also cause strain when used for extended periods of time, as gamers must compensate for small changes in controller movement that can cause inaccuracies when controlling their characters. Additionally, motion controls require players to be aware of their surroundings in order to avoid potential hazards or damage from overusing certain movements with the controller that may result in discomforting physical responses such as:

  • Joints pain
  • Muscle soreness

Overall, while motion controls add an interactive element that some gamers enjoy using due to its immersion aspects, it comes at the cost of control accuracy—which ultimately becomes a personal preference of each user—and physical discomfort caused by long hours of usage on certain gameplay mechanics. As such, it is possible for gamers to play Nintendo Switch without using motion controls as they are not required altogether while playing all kinds of titles available on the console today.

How to turn off motion controls on nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch offers a variety of gaming experiences, thanks to its ability to interact with motion controls. But for some games, as well as players who simply prefer traditional controller-based gaming, it may be beneficial to find a way to turn off motion controls. Fortunately, turning off motion controls on the Nintendo Switch is an easy process that any user can follow.

In order to turn off motion controls on the Nintendo Switch, users will first need to access their console’s controller settings menu by pressing the “Home” button, navigating to “Controllers” and then selecting “Change Grip/Order”. From here they can select the option labeled “Motion Controls” and toggle it off using the on-screen buttons. Once this has been done, motion controls will no longer be enabled when playing games on the system.

In some cases however, certain games may still require or utilize some form of motion control support in order for them to work properly. In this situation users will need to head back into their console’s controller settings menu and toggle on or adjust their preferred Motion Control configuration accordingly before launching said game or application. Remember that even once you have disabled Motion Controls on your system they can always be easily enabled at any time with just a few simple steps.

Alternative Ways to Play Without Motion Controls

Motion controls can be a great way to play certain games on the Nintendo Switch, but for some players, the experience can be less than ideal. Fortunately, there are alternative ways of playing these games on the Switch without having to make use of motion controls. The first alternative is to use the Pro Controller. The Pro Controller has all of the same buttons as a Joy-Con controller but with analog sticks and triggers rather than motion controls. This may be preferable if you are playing games that don’t require motion controls or any motion-based minigames.

If you prefer to play using Joy-Cons, there is still a way to turn off motion controls. You can do so by going into controller settings in the System Settings tab and turning off “Joy-Con Motion Controls.” This will disable all motion control inputs from both Joy-Cons, regardless of whether they are attached or detached from the console. Finally, some third party Switch controllers do not feature any type of motion control whatsoever. These controllers may offer different button layouts or grip sizes which may make them optimal for playing certain types of games without any need for motion control inputs at all. If none of these options work for you, you may want to consider buying one of these specially designed controllers instead!


In conclusion, it is possible to play the Nintendo Switch without motion controls. To do this, users must access the home menu, select “Settings”, and then select “Controllers and Sensors” to turn off the motion control features. Additionally, there are various game-specific settings available within each title that will allow players to control their motion with ease. With these steps and options in mind, it is more than possible to have an enjoyable experience with Nintendo Switch games without straining your hands or arms when playing.