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Public App has Raised $41 Million in Funding From Investors

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Public App (Public), an Indian social network, has recently announced that it has raised $41 million in a Series A funding from investors. This investment will help the company expand its product offerings and enhance its user base. The funding comes from a mix of venture capital, corporate and strategic investors. Notably, this is the largest round of funding for an Indian social network.

Let’s understand more about the investment, investors involved and the plans for the future:

Indian social network Public App raises $41 million

Public App is a private social platform designed to make it easier for anyone to start a movement, manage an organisation and connect with communities worldwide. Founded in 2016 by CEO Joshua Citarella, Public provides intuitive tools for individuals and organisations to collaborate securely in controlled groups.

With over 3 million users across 241 countries and territories, Public App has gained considerable traction since its launch. Public has recently secured USD 41 million in funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Accel and Global Founders Capital.

Public’s mission is to provide anyone with the tools they need to organise their or community’s lives. With an ever-growing suite of powerful collaboration tools, Private Groups can assemble geographically diverse teams seamlessly and securely on the app’s platform while preserving privacy setting controls.

Overview of the Funding

Public App has raised $41 million in a funding round led by Matrix Partners with participation from other investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Addition, and Tribe Capital.

These funds provide the startup with a valuable capital injection to help scale operations and continue building their offerings.

The technology-based platform enables users to find current news and interact with local content while providing a marketplace where people can purchase products. In addition, the funds will allow Public App to develop new features, add more sources of content to further enhance the user experience, and expand its global presence.

The platform’s focus on public services has already become one of India’s fastest growing networks. This new funding round is expected to boost growth as Public App brings its offering to new markets worldwide. With this investment they are well-positioned to build on their success and become an integral part of how people interact with content on the web.


Public App, an Indian social media application, has achieved an impressive feat by raising $41 million in funding from investors. Public App’s founder first announced the news of the funding round, and it has quickly become the talk of the industry.

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With this new influx of capital, Public App can further expand their platform and grow their user base. Let’s take a deeper look into who was involved in the investment round and what it means for Public App moving forward.

Who Invested in Public App, an app that provides users with intuitive appointment booking and payments, has announced that it has recently raised $41 million in funding from several investors. The seed round was led by Index Ventures and was joined by several other VCs, including Global Founders Capital; WndrCo; Coatue Management; Global Brain Corporation; Finch Capital; Presidio Ventures, part of Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Limited; and initial shareholders DNX Ventures.

The new investment round will be used to continue the development of technology for the platform and introduce new features to expand its services further. Additionally, Public intends to use the funds to:

  • Build a larger global talent base.
  • Invest into marketing initiatives for better user acquisition.
  • Develop its presence in global markets including Europe and North America by setting up offices across different geographies.

Public originated from Finland’s startup scene in 2018 when Ville Yaakkola started building what would later become Public with a handful of other tech enthusiasts. Since then it has grown into an established company investing heavily in research & development while also focusing on scalability not just via technology but sales & marketing as well.

The most recent funding is set to provide a strong foundation for the business operations as Public focuses on hiring key personnel within team expansion at both Helsinki HQ and international locations across the US and UK during 2021-2022.

How Much Each Investor Invested

Public App has raised $41 million in funding from three different investors – Lachy Groom, B Capital, and GGV Capital. Each investor contributed a different amount to the overall financial round.

  • Lachy Groom provided $17 million for the investment round, making this his largest single-investment. The funds will be used for product development and growing its customer base.
  • B Capital invested $16 million in the round and plans to support Public App’s expansion into new markets with their expertise in growth capital investments.
  • GGV Capital rounded out the investment by providing the remaining $8 million. GGV is highly experienced in online-to-offline (O2O) services, making them an ideal partner for Public App’s expansion efforts into new markets worldwide.

This latest funding will help accelerate Public App’s product development and customer acquisition strategies to continue growing its user base worldwide, which currently stands at over 40 million users worldwide.

Impact of Funding

The news of Indian social network Public App raising $41 million in funding from investors has been making headlines recently. The funding will certainly have a beneficial impact for the firm, allowing them to expand and develop new products.

In this article, we will take a look at the potential impact of the funding on Public App and how it will affect the company’s future:

How the Funding Will be Used

Public App has raised $41 million in funding from investors including Benchmark, Index Ventures and Charles River Ventures. This money will enhance the app’s features and further develop its market presence.

The company intends to use the funds to:

  • Expand its team
  • Invest in product innovation
  • Enhance its marketing capabilities
  • Create strategic partnerships with companies that are interested in leveraging its technology for their products or services
  • Hire new sales employees to grow the customer base
  • Strengthen relationships with other existing clients
public app 41m a91 250m singhtechcrunch

Public App has received press recognition for accelerating marketing goals quickly through its innovative product offering of personalised mobile advertising. Funding allows startups like Public App to further improve their existing platform and explore new opportunities for growth in the mobile advertising space, which will benefit users and brands alike. This additional capital also helps increase user trust by allowing them to build more engaging experiences that can help foster loyalty from users worldwide.

What the Funding Means for Public App

The $41 million in funding that the Public App recently raised from investors is a major milestone for the company and for developing the services it is working to provide. This influx of funding will be invaluable to Public App as it will help further develop their social network platform and allow them to begin offering premium services.

The additional funds will help expand the platform’s user base and reach, allowing them to grow and become competitive in a crowded online landscape. Additionally, Public App can use this investment to expand its infrastructure and hire more staff, making developing new features faster and more effective.

Public App plans on using this funding to provide better access for users in emerging markets, areas that are often underserved by traditional social networks. This improved access could include features like audio calls, video conversations and even personalised stories that can make connecting with others worldwide easier. In addition to broader reach, this recent round of funding also sets the foundation for further advances that could benefit areas including content discovery, personalization tools and advertising capabilities.

This significant investment allows Public App to continue building out its platform while expanding into new markets, ultimately allowing users worldwide to take advantage of their unique offerings and fully benefit from its capabilities both now and in the future.

Future of Public App

Public App has had a tremendous funding round of $41 million, with a total of $50 million raised to date. This capital infusion makes it a strong contender in the Indian social network space. With investors like Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners, the future of Public App looks bright.

public india a91 partners 250m singhtechcrunch

This funding bolsters Public App’s mission of empowering users and providing them with the tools for engaging conversations in the digital age.

What Public App Plans to do with the Funding

Public App, a B2B marketplace for services, recently announced that it has raised $41 million in Series B funding from investors such as Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital India. This funding will expand the company’s product offerings and strengthen its presence in the competitive business-to-business market.

Public App proposes to use this capital to increase localization within its platform and grow its user base faster. Specifically, the company plans to invest more in engineering capabilities (including artificial intelligence) to become smarter with local demands and provide a streamlined experience connecting professionals with clients.

The company also plans on investing heavily in scaling its operations by expanding its technology team, so they can focus on developing features that could help local businesses automate their processes while engaging with customers better. Public App will also allocate funds towards strategic partnerships with startups and other companies that can help it penetrate new markets faster and more efficiently.

By making these investments, Public App hopes to simplify business communication processes for regional businesses while taking advantage of technological innovations like AI which can help them provide a more accurate service for their customers. In addition, Public App looks forward to continuing collaborations with investors who are committed to helping entrepreneurs build innovative solutions for local markets worldwide.

What the Future Holds for Public App

The potential markets for Public App are vast. With its ability to collate and analyse large amounts of data, the app could theoretically be used in any mix of industries: finance, retail, health care, education and more. In addition, this data-driven approach allows users to tailor the app’s insights to maximise success with various marketing campaigns or special offers.

The focus on providing ease-of-use to all users has been a standout point of the App since its launch in 2015. Its simple design and accessible features have rapidly gained traction amongst users, who can now more accurately target their desired audience. Additionally, by unifying existing technologies into one platform and offering exclusive features from partners like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Facebook Ads Manager and Google Adwords; Public App will become the go-to tool for businesses seeking sophisticated analytics capabilities without expensive investments in IT infrastructure or resources.

Now that Public App has raised $41 million in Series A funding from various investors such as NBA player Andre Iguodala and Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti – it looks certain this product is going places! Alpha Square Group (ASG), founded by Iguodala himself, invested $10 million with this round. At the same time, other big names such as Revolution Growth, BoxGroup’s David Tisch, Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) & The Chernin Group collectively put in $32 million.

The combination of these venture capitalist funds and an established team of experts across machine learning, user experience design & digital marketing should bring about great changes within the App soon!