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FAQs About the Studio Display

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Are you looking to purchase a Studio Display? Are you interested in learning more about the product’s features, usability, and quality? If so, this FAQ page has all the answers to your inquiries. When shopping for a display, it’s important to understand what you are investing in and how it will improve your viewing experience. Here is an overview of the basic information regarding a Studio Display to better inform your selection.

We will cover questions such as:

  1. What are the benefits of owning a Studio Display?
  2. What size should I buy?
  3. How long is the warranty?
  4. Will my computer compatibility be an issue?

What is Apple’s Studio Display

Apple’s Studio Display is an LCD-based flat panel monitor designed to work with a compatible Mac computer. The display was first released in July 2000 and featured a 15” or 17″ active-matrix LCD panel, capable of displaying up to 16.7 million colours.

apple a13 bioniccharltonmacrumors studio display 64gb

The Studio Display has a sleek, modern design, which closely matches other Apple products from the same period. Its maximum resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels provides users with crisp and clear images on the screen. In addition, the Apple Display Connector (ADC) allows users to attach multiple external devices such as USB ports, S-video connectors and a video input module right into the display itself.

With its diverse features and easy setup process, this monitor was ideal for creative professionals working with video or multimedia projects at home or in small offices.

What are the features of the Studio Display?

The Studio Display is feature-packed with a 27-inch edge-to-edge display, P3 wide colour gamut, 500 nits of brightness, True Tone technology that adjusts the colour temperature of the display to match the ambient lighting in your environment, and a single Thunderbolt 3 port for connecting all your accessories.

The Studio Display also features a new stackable magnetic hinge that allows you to use multiple displays side by side with ease and minimal cable clutter. In addition, it’s compatible with your existing Macs and MacBooks via HDMI or USB Type C connections.

What are the technical specifications of the Studio Display?

The Apple Studio Display is a 17-inch LCD monitor designed specifically for Apple computers and power users. It offers 1000:1 contrast ratio, 12 ms response time, and up to 76 Hz vertical refresh rate. In addition, the display features an Active Matrix LCD panel with 2304 x 1437 (16.5 million) pixels at a 0.25 mm dot pitch.

It has three USB ports, two FireWire 400 ports, two ADB ports (for connecting your mouse and keyboard), one VGA port, one DVI port that supports DDC2B/Connector Detection standard for digital audio signals, two 3 W internal stereo speakers for audio output and dual one watt amplifiers for quality sound reproduction. The unit also includes a microphone/line in port for better sound quality output when playing movies or music from your Mac; S-Video and composite video input options as well as RCA inputs via a 9 pin mini din connector on the back of the display housing. Finally it ships with free Apple operating system software including: iTunes 4, QuickTime 6 Pro, Podium Player, Photo Booth, iChat AV webcam viewer, Photo Streamer 2, SIMBL plug-ins, Glue 3rd Party Plug-ins, iCal Calendar Library, Utilities, Networking Connectivity Support.

Technical specifications include:

  • 17″ active matrix LCD
  • 2304 x 1527 pixel resolution
  • 16.5 million colours support
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • 12 ms response time with 76 Hz vertical refresh rate
  • USBC/FireWire 400 ports with ADB port connectivity
  • VGA/DVI port supporting DDC2B/Connector detection standard for digital audio signals
  • Dual internal stereo speakers plus amplifiers for improved sound reproduction; microphone & line in ports included
  • S-Video & Composite Video inputs plus RCA inputs through 9 pin mini din connector on back of display housing

What are the advantages of the Studio Display?

The Studio Display offers several advantages for its users. Due to its advanced contrast ratio, the display delivers clear bright images with enhanced detail and depth. It also has a built-in stereo speaker system, giving it superior sound quality compared to other displays. Additionally, its wide viewing angle allows you to easily adjust and share content with others on the same screen. Moreover, both VGA and HDMI inputs provide multiple connectivity possibilities for different devices.

developer a13 bioniccharltonmacrumors studio display 64gb

Finally, it features a seven port USB hub which gives users direct access to connected USB peripherals such as keyboards or cameras.

What are the disadvantages of the Studio Display?

The Studio Display is a premium quality monitor from Apple with excellent colour accuracy and clarity. However, like most technology, there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

A potential disadvantage for light users is the price tag. While the product delivers outstanding quality and performance, the cost may be prohibitive for many consumers who don’t need all the features provided by this product.

Another downside relates to compatibility. The Studio Display requires a Macintosh computer to function properly as it is not a standard display connector like VGA, HDMI or DVI – so it may not work with your existing system setup. Furthermore, although ergonomic options exist (such as height adjustable stands and pivot rotation), like most Apple products you are limited with what visuals you can adjust on the actual display itself – meaning adjusting brightness levels for example must be done via software on your Mac instead of directly on-screen.

Finally, due to its large size and weight many people find that installing the Display can be physically difficult if doing it single handedly;. However, it does come with an adjustable stand, if wall mounting is desired then several more tools may be required and some DIY knowledge is advised since installation instructions aren’t always clear or easy to follow.

Is the Studio Display still available?

Yes, the Studio Display is still available for purchase. The product was originally released in 1994, became a staple of many media-editing and graphics arts studios, and remains popular today.

The original Studio Display model, which featured a 14” colour active-matrix LCD and corresponding video adapter card (68040 PDS or later), can be easily recognized by its iconic all-aluminium enclosure originally designed by Apple computer’s industrial design studio. For added protection during shipping, the protective covers on all sides must be removed before powering up the monitor.

Later models of the Studio Display are known as the Plus lineup which included 17” Flat Panel Displays and Dual-Cards – both compatible with G3 and later PowerMacs. In addition, the Plus models have different power cords than earlier versions of the Studio Display.

Occasionally, certified refurbished versions are available through authorised retailers and trustworthy online sources such as eBay or Amazon Marketplace sellers.

How much does the Studio Display cost?

The Studio Display is priced at XXXX AUD. However, prices may vary based on the retailer or location. Therefore, it is advisable to do a price comparison before making a purchase.

The display technology used in the Studio Display comes with a three-year limited warranty, which guarantees repairs or replacements against manufacturing defects within that period.

How do I connect the Studio Display to my Mac?

Connecting your Mac to the Apple Studio Display is a simple process. First, you’ll need to ensure you have the latest version of macOS installed on your Mac. Next, connect one end of the supplied FireWire cable to any available FireWire port on your Mac. Then connect the other end of the FireWire cable to the back of your Apple Studio Display. After you’ve powered on both devices, it may take up to 5–10 minutes for them to recognize each other. You will know when they are ready by seeing a message on both screens that says ‘Apple Studio Display Connected’.

developer apple a13 bioniccharltonmacrumors studio 64gb

Once this message appears, you’re ready to use your Apple Studio Display!

For additional help with connecting the Apple Studio Display, please refer to this article:

Where can I buy the Studio Display?

The Studio Display can be purchased online at the Apple Store and select authorised resellers or in-store at an Apple Store or authorised retailer. To find a list of Apple Stores and retailers near you, please visit the “Options” section on the home page of

At Apple Stores, each of our stores has a team of Experts who can help you research, compare configurations and help with financing options. Expert also provides technical advice if you have questions or issues after purchase.

At other retailers, individually owned stores may offer different products and services to serve their customers. We recommend contacting the store to ensure it carries the Studio Display before visiting it in person.