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The Number One Esports Games to Play on Xbox Series S And X in 2023

The Xbox Series S and X, the fourth generation of consoles, have been available for three years now. Since the product’s introduction, 20 million consoles, according to Forbes, have been sold. It is one of those consoles that make esports enthusiasts experience and play professional level gaming. Dominating the console market for 20 years with Sony’s PlayStation, it offers fantastic video games for players. While you will find the top esports and its updated player ranking on GGBET, here is a list of games you must play on Xbox Series S and X.


The newest game from FromSoftware, which received the 2022 Game of the Year award, was completely deserving of the distinction. George RR Martin, a best-selling author, contributed some original ideas to the game. Introducing an entirely new dimension to the FromSoftware formula, this was the developer’s first step into open-world games.


Xbox’s exclusive games appear to allow the players to control the story rather than having drawn-out plots like Sony’s Last of Us and Uncharted. You take on the character of a pirate and execute missions over stunning but dangerous waters. In this game, you can lose yourself for hours on end. Sitting back before starting a quest can be rather contemplative. The online cooperative action-adventure game is influenced by DayZ and Rust.


Halo Infinite is the most recent game in the venerable brand, which is synonymous with the Xbox gaming platform.

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The first open-world game in the series, like Elden Ring, Halo Infinite, lets you explore the Halo Installation and unravel its mysteries.


Forza Horizon 5 is an exclusive XBox game. However, it is the best car game of all time. It is not a racing game like Need for Speed; instead, it is a driving game in which you can play however you like.


The action-adventure game Control is a fresh spin on the Metroidvania genre. Control comes from the same toolkit as Remedy’s other cutting-edge and cerebral games. You play Jesse Faden in this game, who oversees a covert government organization that checks the rules of reality. The plot seems complicated, but after a few plays through, you’ll understand it.


Street Fighter is a fixture at almost every significant fighting game tournament, including EVO which you can track on The most recent Street Fighter games, notably those for the Xbox, are among the best fighting games ever created.

The 2D fighting setup in Street Fighter 6 feels flawless thus far in the beta version of the game. There are additional modes available, which should alleviate some of the issues with V, and the roster is diverse and has something to accommodate a variety of playstyles. One of the most prominent esports and a must-play game is this one.


One of the most significant brand-new fighting game releases in recent memory is MultiVersus. Characters from many Warner Bros. franchises, including Game of Thrones, Looney Tunes, and others, are combined in this platform fighter.

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The objective is to throw rival athletes off the platforms and out of the ring. The characters’ bizarre movements are the game’s actual strength, though. Few video games can handle the peculiar moves that are commonplace in MultiVersus. Along with the typical combat techniques you can perform, you can also transform adversaries into chickens and summon vans to pick up your enemies.

Final Words

Xbox Fighting Games contains some of the top titles in the genre’s history. Among the best titles, you’ll discover a variety of art styles that all look great on the platform. Furthermore, its great power guarantees competitive-level performance in esports Xbox One fighting games and Xbox Series X.