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Flume Health Products and Services

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Flume Health, a leading health technology company, has raised $30 million in its Series A round of funding. The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from other investors such as Silverton Partners and Industry Ventures.

This financing round will enable Flume Health to expand its products and services to meet customer needs.

In this article, we’ll explore the background of Flume Health, its products and services, and the impact of this new funding.

Overview of Flume Health

Flume Health is a health technology company that provides patient-centric software solutions and services to clinical stakeholders, including hospitals, health systems, private practices and other healthcare providers. Founded in 2017 by two seasoned healthcare entrepreneurs, Flume Health enables healthcare professionals to deliver better patient care through a centralized integrated data platform, electronic medical records (EMRs) and real-time telemedicine tools.

In 2021, Flume Health announced the closing of $30 million in Series A funding led by LifeSci Venture Partners. The investment will support Flume’s continued development of its suite of patient engagement and digital health technology products. The funds will also be used for strategic partnerships and global expansion initiatives.

The company’s innovative platform is designed to make healthcare more efficient for patients and providers. It enables clinicians to enjoy smoother workflow processes with mobile apps facilitating real-time consultations from any location. In addition, secure EMR data storage and integration with diagnostic labs ensures medical professionals have access to all the necessary information for informed diagnostics treatments decisions, enhanced patient engagement measures, and improved outcomes gauged by better records accuracy.

Overview of Series A funding

The Series A investment round is the first major milestone in an early-stage startup’s growth journey. It’s a type of venture capital funding where an investor normally provides financial capital to a company in exchange for equity or convertible debt.

Flume Health, a healthcare-tech company based in San Mateo, California recently announced that it had closed a $30 million Series A investment round led by Atomico, with participation from Founders Fund, Northzone, and Branson Impact Fund. This funding will support the further development and expansion of Flume Health’s platform solutions for medical providers such as health systems and research institutions.

The Series A was nearly double its original goal. The company had already raised $8 million from top investors like BoxGroup and Y Combinator, which they used to develop their core product offering. The new rounds will be used to invest further into product innovation, customer success and user experience design capabilities.

With this series A funding round, Flume Health is now valued at more than $94 million ahead of its launch later this year 2020. This landmark moment puts the company at the forefront of healthcare technology initiatives working on improving patient outcomes while helping health care providers deliver even better services to their patients globally.

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Products and Services

Flume Health is a digital health platform providing consumers access to personalized, convenient and cost-effective healthcare. It has just raised $30 million in its Series A round. This round of funding will enable Flume Health to expand its services and product offerings to more markets.

In this article, we will discuss the products and services that Flume Health offers and how they are making a difference in the healthcare industry.

Overview of Flume Health’s products and services

Flume Health is a health analytics company that provides data-driven precision health services through digital and lab solutions. With the help of its proprietary machine learning algorithms and its cloud-based technology platform, Flume Health provides insights to its customers that can enable them to make better decisions about their healthcare.

The company’s innovative technology helps organizations analyze patient data for custom insights, enabling users to quickly identify pressing healthcare issues and access real-time care management resources. Its core products are total cost of care analysis, risk stratification analytics, dose optimization, pharmacy fleet analysis, clinical variation insights, remote patient monitoring tools, provider performance tracking and chronic disease management solutions.

Additionally, Flume Health’s core services include population health management, patient engagement services and personal health record management. It also offers professional services such as customized analytics consulting and quality improvement measurement frameworks to ensure success in achieving personal health goals.

Flume Health’s offerings are designed to drive higher resource efficiency while providing powerful insights into complex healthcare issues. Its platform is built with an agile architecture that easily integrates into most existing IT infrastructures making it easy and convenient for organizations to use the technology. In addition, utilizing its expertise in predictive analytics combined with real-time clinical data tracking capabilities can maximize resource allocations, allowing customers to improve their overall operational efficiency while simultaneously offering improved patient care outcomes.

Features of Flume Health’s products and services

Flume Health is a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions, providing healthcare professionals with a suite of products and services that helps them optimize the delivery of patient care. Flume Health’s products and services offer many features to simplify and streamline processes, reduce administrative burden, and improve quality outcomes. Features include:

• Automated claims processing: Automatically validates patient information and prepares claims ensuring accuracy and improved speed over manual processing

• Electronic prescriptions: Streamline doctor’s prescriptions with automated entry into EHR systems reducing paperwork

• Full-service analytics platform: Powerful data analytics tool provides real-time insights into patient care processes for better decisions

• Patient engagement: Leverage mobile technologies to increase communication between clinicians for personalized care

• Clinical automation: Automate routine tasks such as collecting lab results, ordering tests, scheduling follow-ups

• Clinical intelligence Insights: Interpret data trends in healthcare settings to identify areas of improvement

• Population health management : Monitor population health information from multiple sources to assess quality outcomes across populations.

Benefits of Flume Health’s products and services

Flume Health is an innovative health technology company creating a comprehensive platform to provide personalized care through the convergence of data and health services. The company offers products and services to empower individuals with the information they need to make better healthcare decisions, optimize care delivery, and improve patient outcomes.

The Flume Health Core Platform provides a suite of solutions that enable providers to access real-time patient data, communicate with other healthcare professionals, document care plans and treatments, track health events and monitor medication adherence. This platform helps doctors and nurses align recommended treatment for each patient. It also helps providers get an up-to-date view of patients’ health history – from lab results to medications – so they can assess potential areas for improvement as needed.

The Flume Health Care Kit makes it easier for patients to track important health information such as lab results, records from visits with healthcare providers, medications prescribed or taken and details about overall activity levels or sleep patterns. The kit features a fitness tracker for tracking daily activity levels, sleep patterns, and other wearable devices that may be used with the Core Platform. Additionally, the Care Kit includes educational materials along with physician verified content on topics ranging from signs & symptoms of disease to understanding laboratory tests

The Flume Digital Health Assistant provides proactive updates on patient care plans, allowing users to understand their progress toward their goals and stay motivated towards better outcomes. Syncing with digital wearables – like the Care Kit – helps provide further insights into their personal health stories. The assistant constantly integrates feedback from multiple sources — such as wearables — giving users immediate access to expert advice alongside personalized recommendations when concerning changes arise in their bodies or if any lifestyle changes are necessary due to anything gotten in their regular check ups/results (like blood tests).

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Flume Health recently scored a $30 million Series A funding round that will help bring their customer-centric health products and services to the market.

By focusing on customer needs, Flume Health is looking to revolutionize healthcare delivery through their innovative suite of healthcare services and products.

Let’s look at some of the customers that have come to rely on Flume Health.

Overview of Flume Health’s customers

Flume Health is a US-based digital health platform built to enable providers to deliver the best possible care to their patients. The platform helps collect and analyze patient data, distill clinical insights, and drive reduced costs and improved outcomes. Flume Health provides solutions for hospital systems, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and employers to achieve these goals.

Hospital Systems: Flume Health works with hospital system executives at major network centers to bring connected care technologies into their organizations. The platform’s advanced analytics capabilities allow hospital systems to more effectively manage large datasets to prioritize patient care processes and make informed treatment decisions.

Health Insurers: Flume Health enables health insurance companies to predict potential risks more accurately to adjust pricing for relevant services or offer additional services that enhance customer offerings. In addition, the data collected allows insurers to create tailored packages for members better aligned with customer needs and increase insurer profits by efficiently managing risk portfolios.

Pharmaceutical Companies: Pharmaceutical companies use Flume Health’s platform to access real-world insights on drug development trends, clinical trial outcomes, patient adherence data points, and drug effectiveness ratings. This gives drugmakers increased market intelligence to develop better products that accurately serve customer needs. Pharmaceutical companies also receive customized reports of drug utilization patterns from clinics in the Flume network.

Employers use Flume Health’s platform to improve employee healthcare coverage plans by obtaining precise current and historical employee health profile information for personalizing plans according to individual needs rather than a one-size-fits-all model. By understanding patients’ conditions in detail upfront employers are able create personalized plans that reduce costly medical claims related expenses from happening in the first place instead of just trying cure costly medical claims after they happen which put them on a reactive defense against expensive medical costs related losses rather than proactive prevention based approach towards employee healthcare coverage which reduces expensive medical costs overall over time because preventive tactics have been implemented from the onset before the costly medical claim happens in full force from the beginning which helps keep medical costs down drastically over time among employers who choose such preventive tactics against expensive employee medical losses due having an effective implementation of such tactics going forward with clients who opt into such an offering when available being provided by Flume Health’s end products and services instead or alongside of what’s being offered currently or traditionally within company operations in many cases which can be especially favorable option worth considering going forward if available within one’s own organization or establishment setup wise?

Benefits of Flume Health’s products and services to customers

Flume Health provides products and services that help customers better manage their health. From medical record management to health analytics, Flume Health has the technology and data to power personalized health.

Flume Health’s products and services offer customers a wide range of benefits, including improved care coordination, more efficient appointment scheduling, streamlined access to patient data, reduced wait times, prevention of medical errors, improved communication between patient and provider, better remote monitoring capabilities, reduced healthcare costs and more personalized treatment plans. In addition to offering these features directly to patients or healthcare providers, Flume Health is at the forefront of implementing analytics-driven technology to generate useful insights which physicians can use to make informed decisions. This technology helps reduce costs while providing a personalized experience for customers in terms of health outcomes and convenience.

By leveraging its analytics-driven technology and its secure cloud platform to store patient data, Flume Health helps reduce administrative burdens while providing enhanced transparency regarding medical records. This can improve communication between providers and patients throughout the entire care journey and help ensure that patients have the most effective treatment plan for their needs. Ultimately this leads to savings for both patients and healthcare providers through cost savings generated through improved efficiency in managing ongoing treatments and quicker diagnosis times for new issues arising.

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Flume Health scores $30m in its Series A

Flume Health, a digital health platform offering its users personalized treatments, has announced that it has closed a $30 million Series A funding round. The round was led by Canvas Ventures and included participation from existing investors.

The funding will accelerate product development and expand the company’s offerings. In addition, the company plans to use the funding to expand its team and help build its infrastructure.

Overview of Flume Health’s Series A funding

Flume Health, a digital health company that enables smarter healthcare decisions through data, has raised US$30 million in a Series A funding round, led by Atlassian co-founder Michael Cannon-Brookes and AirTree Ventures.

Flume operates across the U.S. and UK to extract and connect clinical data points from disparate sources such as electronic medical records (EMRs), wearables, patient-generated data, and imaging results to provide contextualized patient awareness. Flume aims to build a full health profile of each individual while layering in additional context such as communal health trends by region or population groupings that help inform providers on how to tailor personalized treatments.

The Series A funding will be used for further research & development of Flume’s cloud platform technology, along with new product/service features designed to meet the requirements of payers and providers within the healthcare industry. In addition, proceeds of the Series A round will bolster Flume’s presence across both markets and open up additional opportunities within global markets where demand for comprehensive digital health solutions is growing rapidly.

This funding comes at an opportune time for Flume Health. There has never been a greater need for innovations in areas such as precision medicine that drastically improve the way care is given from diagnosis to treatment outcomes. With this round of financing and premier investors now onboard, Flume is well positioned to reap significant returns on their investment – all while improving care outcomes internationally.

Benefits of Flume Health’s Series A funding

Flume Health, a health technology company providing solutions to help practices offer virtual care, has announced it completed a $30 million Series A funding round. It is the tech firm’s first major outside investment.

The new influx of capital benefits Flume Health and its customers. The funding will enable the company to accelerate growth, invest in product development, increase the team size and expand globally into new markets. This added support can also provide key insights into how the health industry is changing due to digital tools becoming more ubiquitous.

This major investment validates Flume Health’s market position as well as its mission: creating care that fits around individual patients’ lives. With this capital in hand, Flume Health can deliver even better products and services that innovatively use technology for improved healthcare outcomes without sacrificing personal relationships with doctors or administrators.

Flume Health aims to create successful long-term partnerships with clients so that both parties have the chance of continued success from using virtual health tools and services. The infusion of capital will help achieve this goal by underlining their commitment and paving the path forward for exciting days ahead in healthcare delivery overall.


Flume Health, a health technology and services company, has achieved great success with its Series A round of funding. This capital injection has allowed the company to expand its offerings and develop its technology further.