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Classiq’s team of experts are constantly innovating and improving their software

avivbased classiq 33m series samsunglanhee leereuters

Tel Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq has made waves in the tech industry with innovative software solutions. Led by a team of experts with a wealth of industry experience and backed by a $33 mln investment round, Classiq is well-positioned to impact the world of quantum computing.

Let’s take a closer look at what Classiq has to offer.

Overview of Classiq

Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq recently raised $33 mln, paving the way for their innovation in smart systems software. Boasting a team of internationally-renowned experts, the company has developed a unique computing platform tailored to specific industry requirements. With its vast capabilities, Classiq offers solutions that offer economic benefits thanks to its scalability and security measures.

Classiq’s experienced experts have extensive skills in technology and engineering and expertise in business and operations management. This allows them to integrate quantum computing methods into existing systems while maintaining low energy consumption and high performance. Additionally, an advanced high-performance API ensures that all tasks are performed efficiently on the highest level with minimal effort. As such, Classiq enables businesses to gain unprecedented insights about their data without compromising on speed or reliability for results of higher precision and accuracy.

Classiq’s efficient architecture also helps it manage multi-site deployments more seamlessly, increase employee productivity when working with large datasets, and reduce overall costs associated with data storage use cases by ensuring secure access to cloud applications from any device—especially IoT devices used extensively today. With self-learning algorithms providing improved performance over time and automated processes reducing manual interventions; it is no surprise that this Tel Aviv based start up is set for success!

Overview of their quantum computer software

Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq has recently raised $33 mln in a Series B funding round. Classiq develops an innovative software that leverages the power of quantum computing to solve complex optimization problems faced by industry and academia. This software enables unprecedented productivity in solving traditional parallelization problems and provides a cost-effective and secure platform for processing confidential data.

Additionally, the team of experts at Classiq are constantly striving to improve their technology by researching its performance and feasibility, making it one of the most cutting edge quantum computing softwares available.

Classiq’s technology provides customers the freedom to build custom libraries with their own algorithms and data structures, allowing them to rapidly create adaptable solutions for any problem. Moreover, its intuitive user interface makes it accessible for technical and non-technical users. With such capabilities and advantages, Classiq’s software is bound to be a game changer in Big Data analytics as well as development of newer quantum algorithms that can be easier distributed among users with enhanced security features thanks to the company’s expertise in applied cryptography and encryption technologies.

CORRECTED-Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq raises $33 mln

Tel Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq has recently raised $33 million as an investment to continue their work on innovative software. This investment will help the company take their software to the next level, allowing them to continue improving their existing products while innovating and creating new ones.

With this investment, Classiq’s team of experts is set to tackle even more challenging tasks and expand upon the capabilities of their quantum computer software.

Overview of the $33 million investment

Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup, Classiq, recently announced that it has raised $33 million in what appears to be one of the largest investments made in the quantum computing field. The investment round was led by Corner Ventures and joined by Amplify Partners and Skylake Capital among other notable venture capital firms.

tel avivbased classiq 33m leereuters

The investment will help strengthen Classiq’s technology leadership as they work towards developing a quantum machine-learning platform that can provide new insights into complex data sets while also helping reduce cognitive bias. Additionally, it will help the company expand their development efforts to further innovate and improve their software. With this funding, Classiq is well positioned to develop essential components for the coming age of large-scale quantum computing applications.

Classiq’s technology promises to enable enterprises and governments to bridge the gap between “why?” questions today and “What If?” scenarios tomorrow through actionable insights from massive amounts of information. The team at Classiq looks forward to continuing their research and development with this new capital for innovating within quantum computing technology.

How the funds will be used

Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq has raised $33 million from venture capital firms and strategic investors to further develop their advanced technologies. The funding will be used to enhance the capabilities of the company’s proprietary platform, expand its team of engineers, and strengthen its presence in key global markets.

Classiq intends to provide users with a versatile platform capable of running various business applications, such as financial trading, supply chain optimization, and robo-advisory services. In addition, the new funds will help them accelerate product development and partner with leading technology companies to bring advanced capabilities to market quickly.

In addition, they plan to use the investment to establish their foothold in international markets and drive innovations in artificial intelligence and quantum computing. They believe this type of technology can drive breakthroughs in drug discovery, materials science, diagnostics and cyber security.

The new round of financing demonstrates investors’ confidence in Classiq’s mission and commitment to continuing development on the most advanced quantum technologies available today. By investing these funds strategically over time, Classiq plans to leverage its cutting edge expertise for maximum effect across multiple industries.


Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq is consistently pushing the boundaries of technology with their innovation and dedication to making their software better. In addition, by putting their team of experts to work, they have raised an impressive $33 million to further develop their software.

This section will emphasize the importance of innovation and how it can benefit Classiq and its users.

Overview of Classiq’s innovation process

Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq is committed to innovation, ensuring they stay at the forefront of their field. This is achieved through a thorough process that includes taking data and feedback from multiple sources, prototyping solutions and implementing the most promising ideas.

The team at Classiq first examines user data and feedback, considering different customer needs or any perceived issues or training requirements within the space. The team also draws on research from existing literature within the industry and industry critiques & reviews to better understand the likely opportunities available.

tel classiq 33m series samsunglanhee leereuters

Once this basic research stage is complete, the team moves onto model prototyping where concepts are tested and refined. Through this process solutions are rapidly developed with immediate feedback taken for further enhancements or possible discardment based on new insights gained; be it through benchmark testing or runs within production environments.

The test results from these models are then combined alongside other information gained from research held throughout previous stages to form a concise overview of an idea’s appropriateness for actual implementation into current software options & services offered to customers by Classiq. This would mean an assessment on budget implications along with scaling/flexibility options for continued evolution of proposed ideas in future iterations& updates across multiple platforms & integrations , allowing Classiq to provide their clients with efficient services based on their unique needs & preferences within their digital experience journey.

Examples of their innovative solutions

Tel Aviv-based quantum computer software startup Classiq has made a name for itself as a leader in technological innovation. As the technology sector evolves and new challenges emerge, Classiq’s team of experts are constantly innovating and improving their software solutions to meet the changing needs of businesses.

Classiq’s innovations focus on three major fields: security, reliability and performance. They strive to produce cutting-edge solutions that tackle complex problems with simple solutions. Examples of their innovative solutions include:

1) Adaptive Protocol: This protocol allows Classiq to protect data while increasing the visibility of applications. It reduces false positive alerts by dynamically adjusting settings as more network data is gathered, resulting in fewer costly incidents caused by malicious activities needing investigation.

2) Quantum Leaps Compression System: This innovative compression system ensures optimal application latency by compressing data sent between applications and other devices efficiently. It also helps with bandwidth savings, reducing communication costs.

3) Secure Verification & Authentication Protocol (SVAP): This protocol ensures secure communication channels between two or more access points during authorization activities, making information exchange secure when accessing resources from different systems or networks . It also provides reliable authentication results that increase trust between users and service providers.

4) Secure Computation Platform (SCP): This platform enables developers to securely deploy operations across many computing nodes simultaneously without sacrificing accuracy or security for performance optimization efforts. In addition to hardware acceleration capabilities, SCP offers hardware-level encryption capabilities and an easy integration approach with existing development environments such as Java, GoLang, JavaScript and more.

In addition to these innovations, Classiq’s team continues to explore how best to utilize quantum computing technology within their platform in order to further expand their capabilities beyond current limitations. The company recently raised $33 million from investors from China Industrial Technology Investment Corp., Temasek Holdings Limited LLC and Silicon Valley Bank Technology Growth Venture Fund IV LP to bring these visions closer still into fruition – its success a testament both to its commitment for innovation but also for its ability in creating value for shareholders – which can only be seen as great news for a bright future!


Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq has recently raised $33 million to continue their work on developing innovative and leading-edge software. This new funding has allowed Classiq to assemble an incredible team of experts constantly pushing boundaries and striving to improve their software.

Let’s look at the team and what they can bring.

Overview of the Classiq team

Classiq is a Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup that has recently raised $33 million in funding. The team encompasses quantum computing, machine learning, data science, and software engineering experts with experience at companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Intel.

CEO Daniel Finkelstein leads the charge, who brings his physics and entrepreneurship expertise to Classiq. He previously co-founded a venture capital firm dedicated to early stage companies utilizing quantum computing. In addition, Dr. Oren Shmueli serves as CTO leading Classiq’s development of their revolutionary products across multiple platforms and languages. Furthermore, he has researched AI at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science and supervised projects for MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).

avivbased classiq 33m samsunglanhee leereuters

The team is rounded out by Chief Scientist Uri Wilensky who holds a PHD from Princeton University in Molecular Biology, Distinguished Engineer Avishay Barnatan with 25 years of experience in software architecture, Engineering Director Emmet Eder whose expertise lies in distributed systems design, Data Science Lead Ido Sason with hands-on experience in big data DevOps architecture as well as bioinformatics algorithms development, VP Products Yochai Benkler with 12 years working on enterprise SaaS products at Microsoft among other prestigious posts, VP Customer Success Nissan Kravich whose background includes 5 years at Microsoft assisting developers commercialize unique technologies, Content Lead Yoram Boiman whose background includes producing content for Google Maps API and Cloud Platform Products Development Team among others.. Last but certainly not least the team also consists of Chief Data Privacy Officer Amir Glassman accompanying 4+ years working managing GDPR compliance with AWS services along numerous other posts.

This expertly composed team that stands firmly behind Classiq provides heavy hitter talent capable of taking their company further above competitors in light of the recent funding round. With this high caliber professional project management staff, Classiq’s achievements are sure to exceed far beyond expectation under their direction within the industry.

Expertise of the team

Classiq is a Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup that was recently backed with $33 million in venture capital. The company comprises highly experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative experts. The Classiq team specializes in developing quantum computing software and integrating existing classical computing systems. Their experts have decades of experience building cutting-edge solutions to both simple and complex business problems and developing machine learning algorithms. The team covers various topics, from machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to distributed networking technologies, cryptography and security protocols, programming language tools and techniques, or even mobile development and embedded systems engineering.

The members of Classiq’s team hail from many different technological backgrounds – software developers, data analysts, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists – each with their unique expertise combined to create the high quality services offered by the company today. The expertise within their team also allows for collaboration across different industries when creating new projects or expanding existing ones to solve customer needs in an ever-changing world. In addition, this combined competency addresses project challenges through fresh perspectives that aim to reinvent traditional computing paradigms with the latest technology trends such as cloud-based solutions or neural network models.

With this support system in place, they can continuously innovate while expanding their reach into various fields like medicine, finance or telecommunications.


Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq’s recent raise of $33 mln has immensely impacted the software industry. This infusion of funds has enabled Classiq’s team of experts to constantly innovate and improve their software with the latest technologies, giving them a competitive edge in their market.

Let’s explore the impact of this raise in detail.

Overview of the potential impact of Classiq’s software

Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq recently raised $33 mln in a bid to improve their cutting-edge technology. The implications of this funding and the potential impact of Classiq’s software solution is revolutionizing a wide range of industries.

From artificial intelligence to the oil & gas sectors, businesses are leveraging Classiq’s automated machine learing and robust security features to drive cost efficiency and decision-making capabilities. As such, potential areas for disruption include medical diagnostics, autonomous transportation, data analytics and finance.

Classiq is also dedicated to benefiting humanity through technology, with recent efforts targeting issues such as water conservation and blockchain applications for sustainability. With this commitment towards innovation, the possibilities for breakthroughs in renewable energy, agricultural output monitoring, and clean manufacturing initiatives can be expected soon.

At its core, Classiq’s team of experts strives to provide users with greater insights across sectors that will lead to optimised decisions and empowered results – whether it’s driving efficiency in supply chain management or reducing crime rate through predictive analytics. This holistic approach sets it apart from traditional software development companies and the current wave of programmers creating new resource sets for next generation developers.

Classiq’s impact on technology can be easily apparent from their ever-growing user base and products designed to equip speedier decisions with accurate datasets backed by strong AI algorithms – providing a secure suite of tools that have allowed user such as Einstein Neurohealth care AI platform grasp new opportunities within neural healthcare problems with accurate insights derived from given data sets.

Examples of how it can be used

Tel-Aviv based quantum computer software startup Classiq is leading the way in using artificial intelligence and machine learning for various applications.

Classiq’s team of experts are constantly innovating and improving their software, which combines classical computers, cloud computing and quantum computers to improve decision-making in an automated fashion. The $33 million in Series B funding will help the company develop new products that leverage the power of all forms of computing to enable businesses, governments, individuals and organizations to make better decisions with fewer errors.

Classiq’s software has already been used in many settings. For example, companies use it for targeted marketing campaigns and product recommendations. In contrast, insurance companies use it to accurately predict risk levels based on data points related to events such as fires or car accidents. Governments also employ Classiq’s software for predictive analytics about social issues such as economics or health care policies. Additionally, sports teams can use the technology for player selection decisions considering analytics from past seasons and games.

The possibilities for Classiq’s applications are endless due to its ability to combine traditional computers with cloud processing power and the exceptionally powerful processing platform provided by quantum computers. This will allow users to access real-time insights concerning an array of decisions that impact society at large or specific organizations or institutions directly without compromising security or safety protocols in any way.