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What are the Other New Features in iOS 15.1?

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It’s been over a month since the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 15.1, released a range of new features and enhancements. Apple is committed to continually refining its products and ensuring their users have the best experience possible. As part of this commitment, they have packed several new features into the latest iOS 15.1 to help you make the most out of your iPhone or iPad.

We’ll discuss some of these features and how you can make them work for you.

iOS 15.1 offers a range of exciting new perks, from an improved notification system to better privacy control and an updated widgets library. It also brings improved photo editing tools, redesigned App Library, and personalised Home screen suggestions – plus some other major improvements like faster updates for apps and bug fixes for security risks identified after release. Finally, iOS 15 also offers several refinements that provide smoother performance when multitasking or running multiple apps at once on an iPhone or iPad – plus better support for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max headphones among other enhancements.

Apple’s iOS 15.1 includes SharePlay and adds ProRes to the iPhone 13 Pro

Apple’s latest update to its mobile operating system iOS 15.1 includes several new features and improvements, one of which is SharePlay. SharePlay is a new real-time way for users to share and collaborate on projects. It includes shared playback, synchronised audio, and shared editing.

This article looks at SharePlay and how it can be used to improve the collaboration process among mobile device users.

What is SharePlay?

SharePlay is a new iOS 15.1 that allows users to share their device screens, content, and experiences with those in their contacts list. With this feature, you can watch a movie or TV show together; share photos, documents, and other files; and even place FaceTime calls through the same window.

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SharePlay provides a convenient way for users to stay connected with their friends and family while enjoying the same experiences without being physically connected. Plus, with the ability to pause and resume sharing at any time, it’s easy to enjoy activities on your schedule. Besides screen sharing capabilities, SharePlay also adds several other convenient features that allow users to engage and collaborate with those in their contacts list.

For instance, if multiple people view the same content via SharePlay, they can add comments or reactions within the shared window for others to see in real-time. There is also an audio playback that enables multiple people using SharePlay at once to hear each others’ audio during playback of content from all of their devices simultaneously. Additionally those involved in SharePlay sessions can take advantage of group sharing capabilities which enables them to send files such as images or videos back and forth between each other without ever having to leave the app they are currently using it via Share Play session while sharing together like this would still be interactive among all members simultaneously as long as they are all watching or interacting within the same window/session at once.

Lastly Share Play gains the ability for you to be able play multiplayer games with anyone on your contact list no matter what device they have via virtual ‘room codes’ that give access only to invited member contacts when created which cannot be shared outside of said room code once given out which makes multiplayer gaming secure yet enjoyable amongst friends remotely just like if you were there together side by side playing locally instead- but way more conveniently efficient since now you don’t have even need an actual physical link up anymore!

How to use SharePlay

SharePlay is a new feature included with Apple’s latest iOS 15.1 update that allows users to easily and securely share media within their messages, FaceTime calls, and other exchanges. With SharePlay, you can watch movies and TV shows together, listen and discuss music as if you were in the same room, or share screens to work collaboratively on projects.

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To get started with SharePlay:

1. To use SharePlay, both people need to run a device equipped with iOS 15.1 or later.

2. Make sure the other person has accepted your request to join your call or conversation.

3. On the chat screen, select the Share Media button at the top of your message window (it looks like a play button).

4. Select which type of media you would like to share — Movies & TV Shows; Music; Screen Sharing — depending on the content you would like to exchange during your call or chat session.

5. Choose specific titles from iTunes or Apple TV+ (for Movies & TV Shows), songs from Apple Music (for Music), or shared screens for Screen Sharing; then send them for review by the other person on the call/chat session so they can accept or reject it depending on their preference/permission level (this ensures privacy!).

6. Once both parties have accepted an item, You’re ready to start watching/listening/working together!

ProRes on iPhone 13 Pro

Apple recently released its latest update for iOS 15.1 and one of the new features is the addition of ProRes to the iPhone 13 Pro. ProRes is a powerful video editing codec previously available only on the Mac. With the latest update, iPhone users can now enjoy the same level of quality while editing videos on their phones.

Let’s take a closer look at ProRes and how it helps iPhone users.

What is ProRes?

ProRes is a visually lossless video compression system developed by Apple for encoding high-resolution media such as 4K and 5K. It is an industry-standard codec widely used in professional editing applications and production systems.

With ProRes, users can produce high-quality content without needing expensive hardware and large file sizes. In addition, it is known for its speed when encoding videos of any size or resolution, producing superior results in less time than other similar codecs on the market.

On iPhone 13 Pro, ProRes allows users to record up to 4K60 HDR and up to 8K24/25/30/”2160p” at higher bit rates with much less storage space than would have been required by other codecs of the same quality. In addition, proRes can also be used for recording 720p video at frame rates of up to 240 fps and 1080p video at frame rates up to 120 fps, allowing users to capture every moment with amazing image quality and minimal storage usage.

How to use ProRes

ProRes is a professional-grade, high-quality video encoding format developed by Apple. iOS 15.1 supports this professional audio/video format and allows users to record video on their iPhones using the ProRes codec — providing exceptional image quality. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is only available on iPhone 13 Pro models.

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The following steps outline how to use Prores on your iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15.1 or later:

1. Open the Camera app and select the Video mode from the selection at the top of the screen. 2. Tap the Settings icon in the screen’s bottom left corner; then select Video Format > High Efficiency > Apple ProRes 422 or Apple ProRes 422 LT depending on your preference and device resources (e.g., storage and battery). 3. Switch back to Photo or Video mode to begin recording in this high efficiency file format for smoother playback and better colour depth when editing videos after capturing them. 4. To view your videos in their full glory, look for them in Photos, iMovie, or Final Cut Pro X as they’ll be saved as .mov files using either ProRes 422 or ProRes 422 LT formats depending on your preference when setting up recording in step 2 above. You can now begin editing with confidence knowing you have captured your footage using a high quality format, sure to deliver higher quality results when shared with those closest to you!

Other New Features

Apple’s iOS 15.1 adds several new features to the iPhone 13 Pro. For example, SharePlay enables users to share their Apple Music playlist with friends and family with just a few taps. In addition, ProRes allows users to capture higher quality videos with their iPhone 13 Pro. But that is not all that iOS 15.1 has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the other new features included.

What are the other new features?

The release of iOS 15.1 marked the first major update since the launch of Apple’s newest mobile operating system, introducing several exciting new features and improvements. Here’s a look at some of what’s been included with the update:

-Improved FaceTime and Group FaceTime: Overhauled audio and video quality improvements make it easier to stay connected over FaceTime and Group FaceTime, with AI-powered noise cancellation, better audio filter settings and more.

-Optimised Battery Charging: A newly implemented battery health feature detects patterns in your charging habits to determine when to delay or slow down charging for optimal battery life.

-Apple Music Updates: Streaming music just got better with the addition of exclusive live performance audio from around the world. Plus, you can find new releases more easily now that a new “For You” section and improved recommendations for discovering music are available.

-iOS Widgets: Home screen widget customization has been expanded so that you can now easily view photos as widgets while tracking weather in your chosen location. Dynamic Smart Stack widgets can surface suggestions based on time, location and activity type.

-Apps Lock Functionality: An all new App Lock feature gives users added control over apps by allowing them to set up secondary authentication for apps installed on their devices using Face ID or Touch ID where available.

Whether you had this version pre installed or updated manually, iOS 15 boasts powerful features that give users greater control over their device than ever before.

How to use the other new features

The new iOS 15.1 release comes with other useful features that have been improved to make your digital life easier. Here’s an overview of the features, along with some tips on how to get the most out of them.

Light and Dark Modes: With this version, you can use customizable simultaneous light and dark modes on your iPhone and iPad. This gives you more control over your device’s appearance and brightness in different environments.

Universal Search: Apple has updated its universal search feature to work seamlessly across devices and apps. From the search bar at the top of your home screen ,you can now search for anything (directly or related) like contacts, locations, websites, movies, apps, calendar events etc., without needing to launch an app first.

Conversation Sharing: Conversation Sharing is a new feature in iOS 15 that lets you share conversation topics such as photos or videos from other groups with a specific group you are a part of. To use these features, simply click the Share button in any app where you’ve created a conversation or shared content – like Mail or Photos – select ‘Conversation’ from the options and choose which group(s) you would like to send it to within Messages.

Siri Enhancements: Siri has received some impressive updates in iOS 15 too. You can now ask Siri to open certain third-party apps as long as they are installed on your device. Additionally, when you give Siri a task like setting an alarm it will provide answers to follow-up questions without needing further clarification thanks to advanced contextual awareness algorithms built into the update. Additionally, enabling critical commands allows Siri to be used hands free when driving, completely controlling settings such as Do Not Disturb by voice control while safely answering messages without lifting a finger.