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The New Rainbow Six Siege Season Expectation

Are you an avid Rainbow Six Siege player? Is the anticipation of the new season getting to you? Get in on all the latest news and expectation for the brand new season of Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game that has been released in 2015 across multiple platforms. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft Entertainment, the game puts emphasis on environmental destruction and cooperative multiplayer gameplay. It features unique playable Operators from counterterrorist units around the world and one single-player campaign. With this article, you’ll know exactly when to get ready for the new season!

Overview of the New Season

The new season of Rainbow Six Siege is expected to arrive on the 20th of December 2020. As with previous seasons, this season will be packed with new content to enjoy, including a brand new Battle Pass, Operators from different nations, weapon balancing and much more. With the mid-season reinforcement in full effect and Outbreak now a distant memory two months after its initial release, it’s time to start looking forward. As usual for every Rainbow Six Siege season release, each of the game’s three year-long departments gets their own unique twist on each seasonal cycle. Below you’ll find an overview of what’s expected in the upcoming season:

  • Operators: Two operators have allegedly been slated for Season 13, one defender and one attacker. Reports claim they come from Argentina and Iraq respectively although it has not be confirmed yet who their respective Counter Terrorists Unit shooters are yet. It is also known that adjustments are being made to existing Operators as well but at this point no specific details have been revealed as to what these adjustments might consist of.
  • Weapons/Gadgets: Weapons such as the 6P41 LMG have had complaints about them being either underpowered or overpowered so expect balancing changes in Season 13 along with possibly some more gadgets being tweaked here and there as well.
  • Gameplay Updates: New Gameplay updates such as bug fixes, aiming improvements, UI updates and more are likely to be discussed upon during Rainbow Six Siege’s Seasonal Panel Stream which will take place in advance of the launch date so we can get an idea of what Ubisoft plans on adding or adjusting before hand.

When is the new rainbow six siege season

In-game, players assume control of an Operator from a unique counterterrorist unit such as the British SAS or Russian GROM as they go against another team of players. The multiplayer team is split up into attackers and defenders while also featuring objectives that must be completed in order to win a round. Rainbow Six Siege is continually supported with new content such as major updates every three months, introducing new Operators, weapons, gadgets, maps, cosmetic items and more with each season; allowing replayability for players year-round. With each season comes new objectives to complete which can result in exclusive rewards.

The Rainbow Six Siege community has been growing ever since its launch in 2015 and its dedicated player base continues to stick around due to its dedication from Ubisoft towards providing new content on a regular basis which allows for an everchanging thrilling gaming experience for every player out there!

New Maps and Operators

With each new season of Rainbow Six Siege comes a set of maps and operators with new abilities. This season, players can expect to see new content and features throughout the game, as well as even more game modes and activities for players of all levels. The developers have also revealed several operators with unique abilities and talents to be featured in this season’s update. Players can look forward to two brand new maps from San Francisco Bay Area, Obsidian and Paradiso, both of which will take place in real-time settings during the day and night. On top of that, two existing maps are being given an overhaul with updates: Clubhouse and Theme Park. Players looking for a more tactical experience can jump into the Tower map from Y2S2 or any other favorite map they prefer in the competitive Ranked playlist.

For operators, there are five new ones being introduced in this season—one attacking operator and four defender operators—each with their own unique talents that will give them an edge against their opponents. The attacking operator is named Zero, who comes armed with a drone that uses its spying capabilities to disable enemy systems within its radius. As for defenders, Valk is equipped with cluster charges that form walls that block off passages; Wamai soaks up projectiles mid-air potentially robbing attackers of their hard earned gadgets; Oryx has the ability to climb through barred windows; And lastly Ace had thermite charges remotely attachable to surfaces which can be detonated from a distance by Ace himself.

New Game Modes

The new season of Rainbow Six Siege is expected to bring with it new and exciting game modes. Aside from the popular online-only mode, there will be a number of co-op and single player options. On top of the existing Bomb and Hostage scenarios, two new game modes have been announced – Outbreak, a large scale zombie defense mode where players need to team up with three others to survive waves of enemies; Outback, an arena shooter style battle-royale map. Both of these will be available to play in both “Online” and “Offline” modes.

Additionally, four new characters will join the roster: Ace, Gridlock, Mozzie and Kaid are expected to join the original 20 operators featured in the game. These characters have unique special abilities that make them stand out from the rest – creative strategies can be employed when playing together or against each other in order to gain an edge over opponents. With all these upcoming changes on the horizon, we’re sure Season Three of Rainbow Six Siege will be even more action packed and intense than before! We can’t wait to see what else is in store for this popular shooter title.

Gameplay Changes and Improvements

Ubisoft has regularly released new seasons for Rainbow Six Siege, each introducing exciting maps, weapons, operators, and game modes to the game. Ubisoft is always striving to improve the experience of Rainbow Six Siege by bringing in regular updates. The upcoming season promises to bring in a range of improvements and changes in the gameplay along with other exciting content updates. The gameplay changes and improvements that are expected for Season 4 include an update to the Friendly Fire system which will allow players to have more control over their match experience.

 This should help teams decide when and if they wish to mute or disable certain players in-game, keeping potential toxicity at bay. Further improvements are being made to the pacing of Attackers’ offense which should help them access points more quickly. A new operator rotation has been suggested which will provide several choices per side instead of a set operator pick order which could potentially make matches more dynamic and balanced overall. There are several other tweaks that players can look forward to including:

  • Animation copies on all platforms, ensuring more accuracy when playing on different consoles.
  • PC optimizations with graphical upgrades depending on hardware requirements.
  • Various bug fixes and balancing updates among others.
  • Additional new weapons added for existing operators.
  • Improved weapon skins being added for most operators which should give all fans some customization options once season 4 arrives.

Graphics and Visuals

Rainbow Six Siege is renowned for its brilliant graphics and visuals, as they set the tone for every map. From realistic lighting to extraordinary detail in environments, Rainbow Six Siege’s visuals are part of what makes the game so immersive. Players can expect improvements in graphical fidelity across all platforms with a Season 5 update. Visual improvements are expected to include improved textures, reflections, and even the addition of new environmental objects to further emphasize the already aesthetically pleasing maps. Along with these improvements, users have also been promised an increase in overall performance – allowing players to experience less input lag or fps drops during matches. All in all, players can expect an even greater level of visuals from Rainbow Six Siege with the latest update!

Community Engagement

Rainbow Six Siege has a passionate and enthusiastic community that drive its success. The developers strive to keep the game fresh and engaging by constantly adding new content, items, and unique events. They also work hard to foster a sense of inclusiveness within their player base. This fosters an environment where players of all abilities feel welcome while encouraging each other to strive for improvement. To this end, the developers have created numerous opportunities for players to engage with the community around them.

The Rainbow Six Siege season is no different – it is filled with plenty of activities designed to create an exciting gaming atmosphere. The development team utilizes forums, live streams, test servers, and various competitions throughout the season as points of contact between content creators, influencers, tournament organizers, clans/discord groups, academics, casual/competitive players alike. By engaging in these activities on a regular basis they ensure that Rainbow Six Siege database truly reflects its diverse player base’s wants and needs when game updates arrive at their inboxes.


To sum things up, we can expect new maps, new operators and remastered fan-favorite content in the upcoming seasons of Rainbow Six Siege. The next season is likely to be released in Mid-February 2021 and will offer some exciting updates and new content for players to enjoy. Also, with the introduction of PvE gameplay in some form, the game is set to become even more dynamic for all levels of player. Whatever is coming, it’s sure to give players something to look forward to as we approach 2021.