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MacBook Pro: What Other Users Are Saying

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The Macbook Pro – Apple’s flagship laptop – has earned rave reviews from users around the world. Featuring a range of powerful processors, plenty of RAM and storage space, and crisp Retina displays, it’s no wonder that this popular laptop range is so sought after. But what do other people think of it?

In this guide from The Globe, we scour user reviews to find out how the Macbook Pro series stacks up against its competitors. From battery life to design features, we explore what real-world users have to say about their experience with the Macbook Pro series – so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

intel vs m1 macbook pro

Many users have been comparing the Intel and M1 MacBook Pro models to see which is the better choice. With their different features, users are trying to make a decision on the most suitable laptop for their needs. It is important for users to know the details about both the Intel and M1 devices so that they can make an informed choice.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the Intel and M1 MacBook Pro models, looking at their features and what users have to say:

Intel MacBook Pro

The Intel-based MacBook Pro was the traditional notebook computer from Apple, available in 13 and 15 inch sizes. This laptop is great for mainstream users who are looking for a dependable device with more power than an Ultrabook offers, such as for heavy rendering or larger video editing projects. It contains legacy ports, including multiple Thunderbolt 3 ports allowing you to connect more devices, as well as a headphone jack that doubles as a digital audio output. Furthermore the Intel-based model comes with the fan-favorite keyboard backlit keys equipped with a physical Escape key for those who prefer to switch between tasks quickly.

The Intel processors range from Dual-Core i5 to Quad-Core i7 and with up to 32GB of RAM its ideally suited for most tasks though it may suffer in comparison when it comes to demanding processes such as gaming or rendering which have better performance on other machines. The integrated graphics on the later models are good enough to run basic everyday software applications like Photoshop but don’t offer much performance when using processor intensive applications or high frame rate gaming sessions. Battery life can reach up 10 hours depending on usage but this has been reduced significantly in the newer models.

M1 MacBook Pro

The M1 MacBook Pro is one of the latest entries into the Apple product line and comes with many new features designed to make your computing experience more enjoyable. This device is powered by an Apple M1 chip, which Apple claims combines performance and power efficiency like never before. It has a Retina display with True Tone technology as well as an improved Touch Bar, louder speakers, and improved microphones for enhanced call quality.

The laptop also comes with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 2TB of storage. In addition, the battery life on this laptop lasts longer than ever before, thanks to the optimized performance of its M1 processor. This model also includes two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, a headphone jack, and a Thunderbolt 4 port.

In comparison to its Intel counterparts at a similar price point, the M1 MacBook Pro offers several benefits that users appreciate such as improved performance from its M1 processor as well as better battery life and longer lasting charge cycles.

Many reviews highlight the remarkable speed at which tasks are completed when using this device in combination with macOS Big Sur; however some users have found the tradeoff between features available in an Intel model such as Wi-Fi 6 or multiple GPU support against those offered by an M1 model not justified for their particular computing needs.

Ultimately all users should carefully evaluate their needs ahead of time when choosing between Intel vs M1 MacBook Pro models so they can be sure they purchase the right device for them.

Pros and Cons of Intel vs M1 MacBook Pro

With the new M1 chip, the MacBook Pro has come a long way in recent years, offering users an improved performance over its Intel predecessors. This has caused many debates among techno-savvy people about which one is the best for their needs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the Intel vs M1 MacBook Pro to help you decide on the best one for your needs:

Intel MacBook Pro Pros

The Intel MacBook Pro is equipped with the latest 10th generation Intel processors, offering more power and performance than ever before. The Intel processors used in these MacBook Pros range from the ultra-efficient Quad-core i5 to the insanely powerful Core i9 processor. In addition to this, you can opt for up to 32GB of memory, allowing you to take on intensive tasks without any lag.

The Intel lineage of MacBook Pros also offers users access to a wide array of ports, giving you flexibility over how you connect your peripherals. This includes two USB-A ports, two Thunderbolt 3 ports (which are also compatible with USB-C), and a headphone jack; perfect for things like connecting external storage devices or plugging in monitors quickly and easily.

Furthermore, some Intel models come equipped with dedicated graphics cards; perfect for a range of tasks such as gaming or creative work that requires graphics processing or image editing able to work faster and render higher quality images than its M1 counterparts.

Finally, the price of an Intel model is usually lower than an M1 model while still offering practically all that an average user would need from their device; including apps from all major software developers compatible with Mac operating systems making it ideal if you need something that can do basic computing at an affordable price point.

Intel MacBook Pro Cons

The Intel MacBook Pro is a popular choice for those who want powerful performance and the latest technology. However, it is important to consider the drawbacks of Intel-based Macs before buying. Below are some potential disadvantages associated with an Intel MacBook Pro:

  • Processor: Intel processors are significantly slower than those of the Apple M1 processor in many areas, including single core and multi-core performance, as well as graphics processing performance. This can lead to longer load times and lower overall work speed on heavy tasks.
  • Battery Life: The battery life across several different versions of the Intel MacBook Pro has been reported to be much lower than that of the new M1 chip from Apple. Apple’s M1 chip also doesn’t require a fan to keep it running so it can maintain its excellent battery life even when performing intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing that would usually heat up any other device quickly.
  • Price: The price of an Intel MacBook Pro is often more expensive than that of an Apple M1 equipped device because they are more powerful, but they do not come close to matching the level of performance offered by the new M1 processor from Apple at similar price levels, making them less cost effective overall on a per performance basis than an equivalent M1 equipped Macbook Pro.
  • Software Compatibility: Older software may not run optimally on newer hardware. There might be compatibility issues between software applications optimized for older systems and operating systems found in new machines with more advanced hardware specs like those found on Intel powered devices compared to their counterparts with Apple’s own chipsets like the evergreen M1 processor from Apple.

M1 MacBook Pro Pros

The MacBook Pro has seen its fair share of revolutionary changes in recent months, with the latest iteration being an Apple M1-based device. With the M1 processor replacing Intel’s traditional chips, the question of which is better for your needs arises. That’s why we’ve put together an honest comparison of what M1 and Intel processors bring to the table.

M1 MacBook Pro Pros:

  • High Performance – The M1 chip brings unrivaled performance to any task. Whether you’re crunching large datasets or working on high-end graphics and visuals, the M1 processor will do it faster than ever before.
  • Lower Power Usage – The M1 chip is incredibly efficient when it comes to power consumption, providing up to 20 hours of battery life in a single charge. This means getting more done without having to worry about lugging around extra power cords or adapters.
  • Integrated Graphics – For complex tasks such as video editing or 3D rendering, an integrated graphics solution comes included with each MacBook Pro that uses the Apple M1 chip — giving users even more efficiency when it comes to intensive tasks like these as opposed to Intel models that require discrete graphics cards for legitimate graphical performance.
  • Affordable Price Tag – For all that you get from this machine, Apple’s newest costs significantly less than similarly powered devices from other leading competitors like Dell and Microsoft due typical of Apple’s pricing policy.

M1 MacBook Pro Cons

Since its launch, the M1 MacBook Pro has seen a mixed response from users. Despite being incredibly versatile and offering faster performance with long battery life, some users are still not convinced with the product’s hefty price tag.

There are a few notable drawbacks to consider when choosing between the M1 MacBook Pro and other traditional Intel models:

  • The Apple Silicon processor is relatively new compared to the slew of more established Intel processors offered in standard MacBook Pro models – this can be seen as a gamble for some users looking for great performance from their new laptop.
  • Current models lack extra ports typically found in laptops with an Intel processor, such as HDMI, Thunderbolt 3 and USB-A – thus leaving limited scope for further expansion options.
  • Certain apps or programs don’t run properly on Apple Silicon since they haven’t been optimized yet – having said that this will likely change over time as app developers catch up.
  • The M1 MacBook Pro has fewer repair options than other traditional laptops due to it being built around a single board design with no usefulizable upgrade path or spare parts meaning repairs are often only possible at an authorized Apple Service Provider or Apple Store – adding potential cost concerns into the mix.

User Reviews

It can be hard to decide which type of MacBook Pro is right for you, the Intel or the M1 model. To help you make the right decision, we have gathered user reviews on both models to get a better understanding of what other users think. Read on to learn what real-life users have to say about the Intel and M1 MacBook Pro models.

What users are saying about Intel MacBook Pro

No matter where you look, everyone seems to have an opinion on the Intel MacBook Pro. Fortunately, user reviews offer potential buyers some insight into this laptop’s performance and features. Ignoring any personal bias, here are the main pros and cons that many users report when evaluating the Intel MacBook Pro.


  • The screen display has great quality with both clarity and brightness.
  • Battery life is relatively long and can often last up to 6 hours of use.
  • Excellent performance from both its processor and memory capabilities; even high-powered applications run smoothly on this machine.
  • Onboard Touch ID makes it easy for users to quickly authenticate their purchases.
  • Lightweight design is also a plus, making it easier for users to transport their laptop around without any issues.


  • The price tag can be pretty steep for some, especially when looking at the higher end models with additional features like the 1TB SSD storage or Retina display options.
  • Lack of ports can be a bit limiting since there are no dedicated Ethernet or VGA ports available on the device itself, which calls for an external adapter if needed while in use.
  • Some reports suggest reduced heat stability on certain machines when compared to older models; however, this appears to depend more on user usage preferences than manufacturing errors/issues/defects in general product design functionality/production standards.

What users are saying about M1 MacBook Pro

Apple’s long-awaited new M1 MacBook Pro has been making waves since its release, with many users touting it as a game changer in the laptop world. But what do other users have to say about it?

The M1 MacBook Pro is designed for serious professionals and light gaming needs, offering an 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU with up to 16GB unified memory, providing both fast performance and great battery life. Many users are pleased with the battery life, reporting that they can use their laptops all day without needing a charge. They also attest to the powerful performance of the machine, noting that they feel like they can accomplish more than ever before.

Users also comment on the design of the laptop itself – noting its thinness, sharp edges and modern aesthetic that feels uniquely Apple. Furthermore, many appreciate running apps natively on macOS Big Sur or rooting via Parallels or VirtualBox that allows their M1 MacBook Pro to run Windows apps seamlessly.

Finally many users are praising the beautiful 16 inch Retina display – claiming bright colors and vibrant details even when viewed from different angles due to its True Tone display technology. When asked what along with powerful performance makes this Macbook stand out from all leading laptops in 2020 most people point at excellent port selection for easy connectivity – 4 Thunderbolt/USB4 ports for any type of device one might need today.

All things considered, it seems like there is consensus amongst buyers of this laptop – it offers a power-packed performance in an attractive design that impresses just about everyone who uses it!


Ultimately, it is clear from the reviews of the MacBook Pro that this product is a great choice for those seeking performance, portability and feature-rich computing. As with any purchase, customers should look carefully at their own needs for functionality and portability.

However, among laptops on the market Apple’s MacBook Pro consistently ranks among users as an excellent choice. Its exceptional design, light weight construction and cutting-edge technology offers added value compared to other products in its class. With a wide array of available configurations that tailor to various budgets, power users can rest assured they will have an adequate machine to suit their needs with this device.