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MacBook M1 Pro’s Software And Apps

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Operating System

The new MacBook M1 Pro features Apple’s latest operating system, macOS Big Sur. This Operating system is said to have a more intuitive UI and faster performance.

With the MacBook M1 Pro, you can also enjoy the latest software and apps to get the most out of the device. Not only can you install the latest Mac apps, but you can also install Windows in a virtual machine and use apps designed for that operating system.

Let’s look at some of the other software and applications available with the MacBook M1 Pro:

macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is the latest version of the Mac operating system, designed and optimized for the new powerful M1 MacBook Pro. Featuring an all-new design with optimized and enhanced apps, a more streamlined Mac experience, integrated support for Apple products including AirPods and HomePod, increased performance and striking visuals – all thanks to its cutting-edge Apple Silicon technology.

Big Sur enables users to access next-level capabilities such as Universal Control for connecting multiple devices with one mouse/keyboard/trackpad, improved app performance and cross-functionality with other Apple devices. It also offers convenient features like Continuity Camera allowing you to take a picture or scan documents while on your iPhone or iPad and add them directly into your Mac’s native apps. iOS App Store apps now run on the M1 MacBook Pro right alongside macOS Catalina apps, giving users even more options when it comes to choosing which program they want to use. This makes transferring data from mobile device to computer easier than ever before – allowing you get stuff done quickly and conveniently.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most recent version of Microsoft Windows, released in July 2015. It is a cross-platform operating system, working across various devices including desktop computers and laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox. It has been designed to make transitioning from one device to another easy for users by providing a generally consistent look and feel across different platforms.

Windows 10 provides access to powerful cloud computing capabilities through Microsoft Azure services as well as enhanced security features that allow users to easily detect and protect against malicious software attempting to access their PCs.

Notable features of the system include:

  • Cortana digital assistant
  • DirectX 12 gaming graphics APIs which enables users to take advantage of the latest games with high fidelity visuals
  • Improved multitasking abilities through virtual desktops
  • Improved security with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection built-in antivirus protection
  • and more.

Productivity Software

When it comes to productivity software, the MacBook M1 Pro comes with a suite of apps, such as Messages and Notes, that can help you get more work done. It also has the latest version of Microsoft Office pre-installed for easy access to word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Additionally, it comes with productivity-boosting apps like Safari, Calendar, and Contacts.

Let’s find out more about these productivity-enhancing apps:

Microsoft Office Suite

The Microsoft Office Suite is one of the most popular software packages available for businesses and individuals. The suite consists of various applications such as Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Each application has its own distinct purpose and serves as a great tool for helping you increase your productivity.

  • Word is a powerful word processing program that is used to create letters, reports, forms and other documents on your computer.
  • Excel is a spreadsheet application which allows you to store and manipulate data in the form of tables or equations.
  • Access is a database application which helps you store and query large amounts of data based on different criteria.
  • Outlook enables effortless email communication.
  • PowerPoint makes it easy to create presentations with graphics, text, animations and audio/video files.
  • OneNote is an easy-to-use digital notebook that allows users to capture and organize daily information such as ideas or research snippets in one secure place.

The Microsoft Office Suite integrates seamlessly with Apple’s new MacBook M1 Pro providing a robust solution for businesses seeking improved productivity with no hardware or software setup required. With the M1 Pro’s high performance processors, fast storage speed and longer battery life you can achieve more in less time without worrying about running out of power or storage space allowing you to focus on what really matters – getting the most out of your business investments!

Google Suite

One of the most popular and widely used productivity software suites available is the Google Suite. The Google Suite includes powerful tools like Mail, Sheets, Docs, Slides and more to help you manage your work and collaborate in real-time with others. With a range of basic to premium applications, you can easily create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

The Google Suite requires no installation or setup – all you need is a Gmail account to get started with the suite. It’s also the ideal productivity suite for the new MacBook M1 Pro since it has built-in support for SSD storage and multi-core processors for powerful performance. Moreover, with its sleek design and 11-inch Retina display that offers true ‘all day’ battery life (up to 17 hours), it’s a perfect machine for working with Google Suite on the go.

With a broad ecosystem of apps including Gmail, Google Drive & Docs, Calendar & Hangouts Chat/Meet as well as built-in AI & ML capabilities – there’s plenty to explore in your MacBook M1 Pro while using the Google Suite!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of desktop and mobile apps for design, photography, video, web development and online services. It includes widely-used applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects. The software suite also includes Adobe XD for user experience design and Adobe Premiere Rush for mobile video editing.

Each app in the Creative Cloud has different features that help users create professional quality work quickly and efficiently.

Adobe Creative Cloud is available on Mac OS with the new M1 chip from Apple. With this chip comes improved performance and enhanced editing power so users can expect better results when working with Adobe apps. There are several tools to make life easier too – such as automatically adjusting images or creating 3D product shots in seconds using Sensei AI technology. Plus smart sharing options which allow you to collaborate quickly with other teams on projects without having to worry about updates or access permissions.

Apple Apps

Apple’s new MacBook M1 Pro comes pre-installed with a variety of apps and software. These apps are designed to make your experience with the laptop more enjoyable and efficient.

Let’s take a closer look at the Apple apps that come with the MacBook M1 Pro and see how they can help you get the most out of your new laptop.


Photos for Mac is an application developed by Apple Inc. for its macOS operating system. It allows users to manage, edit, and organize digital photos and conduct basic image editing tasks. Photos for Mac was designed to work with Apple’s iCloud service and the company’s other products, such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and more. The software allows you to browse through all of your pictures in one unified library quickly and easily.

Users can also use the app to store pictures on Google Photos or Amazon Drive as well as back up images stored on their computer with options like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. Additionally, users can share their memories with friends using the easy-to-use built-in sharing features in the software. With this feature, you can create shared albums which allow you to collaborate with family or friends on creating a shared album of your favorite memories – making it easier than ever before to keep all your favorite images from across the web in one place!


MacBook M1 Pro made by Apple comes preinstalled with a variety of music related applications and utilities, making it the ideal device for both amateur and professional musicians. The OS includes:

  • Apple Music – subscription music streaming service with access to millions of tracks from around the world.
  • GarageBand – digital Audio workstation (DAW) software for recording and creating musical performances with your Mac.
  • iTunes Store – an online store to purchase, stream and download music, movies, TV shows and more.
  • Logic Pro X – pro-level music production software used to create songs and produce podcasts or audio effects.
  • Mainstage 3 – live performance application which lets you shape sounds on stage with many built-in instruments, effects processors and MIDI controllers.
  • Music Memos – audio recorder combined with voice recording capabilities, allowing you to capture your creative ideas in real time.
  • Jam – interactive musical experience where you can join other users online in a virtual jam session using the microphone on your MacBook M1 Pro.


Apple Notes is a powerful tool for professional and educational use, enabling users to efficiently capture, organize and share their ideas. The pre-installed app provides macOS users with an intuitive interface to organize notes while on the go.

The Notes app allows users to create structured documents, add attachments to notes, collaborate on notes with others in real-time and even search through their entire collection of notebooks. Apple’s Notes app also can be used as an emulator for other note-taking apps such as Evernote or Google Keep.

The app comes with several functionalities that enable users to customize the experience according to their taste. It allows you to format text and add photos, audio recordings, files from other apps, links and web pages directly into your notes. The default font size can also be changed or one of several templates with different styles can be applied such as lists, checklists or sketches. You can set reminders for important dates or goals that you want to reach by a certain time.

Moreover, it has Collaboration tools available so multiple people can work on the same document simultaneously from any device connected to the internet. Apple Notes also provides tools like:

  • Pinned notes which allow quickly access, edit and move items between various lists.
  • Search filters permit users to find specific content easily.
  • Shared folders & tags which allow managing multiple files within a folder.
  • Note links & passwords help flagging important private items.
  • Bulk editing capabilities are helpful when multiple changes need done at once.

Plus many more features all packed in a single software option making it one of the most versatile solutions available today!


Maps is Apple’s powerful, yet intuitive mapping application that lets users quickly search for locations, explore detailed maps and view real-time traffic updates. With the new MacBook M1 Pro, users can now experience faster map processing and quicker response times when interacting with the map.

Maps also includes numerous 3D tours of cities around the world, as well as curated collections of place cards that offer further insights into important landmarks and attractions. Additionally, there are plenty of tools for finding places: AirPods dealers and airports, businesses in a certain industry or near a certain location – you name it. Maps also offer turn-by-turn directions to get from point A to point B.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, find out what there is to do on their Explore page: ranging from great restaurants to must-see attractions in the area. Plus Apple has integrated Street View into Maps so you can have an even more immersive experience when exploring your surroundings virtually.

Entertainment Apps

The new MacBook M1 Pro offers a great range of entertainment apps for the whole family. The macOS Big Sur software provides great tools for media playback and gaming, including Apple TV, iCloud Music Library, and Apple Arcade. It also supports a variety of streaming services and entertainment apps, so you can watch movies, TV shows, and more, right on your laptop.


Netflix is an American streaming service offered by the popular media platform. It allows users to watch movies and television shows from a library of titles, both old and new. With Netflix, subscribers can enjoy original content, including series, documentaries, stand-up comedy specials and reality programming. Content can be accessed by streaming directly over the internet or by downloading favorite titles to watch later.

Netflix also offers various add-ons that allow users to access exclusive content or increase their video quality. To access Netflix’s library of content, subscribers will need a fast internet connection and either a laptop computer with Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave) or higher or the new MacBook M1 Pro which includes dedicated hardware for running Netflix apps and websites.


YouTube is a free website and app for watching videos, sharing content, and participating in the YouTube Community. You can use it on your Macbook to watch movies, original shows, live events and much more.

With the integration of YouTube on the Macbook M1 Pro you can enjoy multiple features such as offline playback, which allows you to save videos so that you can watch them later even without an internet connection. Moreover, YouTube also gives access to millions of tracks including popular songs and soundtracks with its integrated music player accessible at any time.

YouTube also helps you discover new topics such as educational videos produced exclusively by renowned professionals in their respective fields.


Spotify is a digital music streaming service that offers users access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos from artists all over the world. The app is available for both desktop and mobile devices and is free to use with ads or with a subscription fee for premium features. Music can be played online or downloaded for offline listening.

Spotify also offers personalized music recommendations and on-demand radio stations. Users can follow their favorite artists, albums, genres, podcasts and other users. All content is accessible for free with a few ads or no ads at all with the paid version of the service.

The app also supports social features such as:

  • Creating collaborative playlists where multiple users can add songs together.
  • Sharing tracks directly with other users.
  • Commenting on friends’ playlists.
  • Discovering new artists through Spotify’s media library.


Hulu is an entertainment app designed to make it easy for users to access movies and television shows. With Hulu, you can browse over 85,000 titles from every entertainment genre including comedy, drama, reality TV and more. You can watch live sports on the app as well as hit series such as The Handmaid’s Tale and This Is Us. The streaming service also carries classic films like Jaws, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club and more.

Hulu works with Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max and other popular streamers. With the new MacBook M1 Pro’s continued support of Mac App Store purchases, users will have access to all the latest movie releases directly from the comfort of their device.


The new MacBook M1 Pro is an impressive machine, equipped with powerful hardware and a range of software and apps that can handle most tasks. One of the areas the MacBook excels in is gaming. With outstanding graphics performance, the M1 chip provides a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

This article will explore the gaming capabilities of the MacBook M1 Pro, including:

  • What games you can play
  • How well it performs
  • Any issues you should be aware of


Steam is a digital distribution platform, developed by the Valve Corporation. It provides a variety of titles for gamers to purchase and download, including everything from independently produced PC games to popular console titles. Steam offers a library of over 3,000 games in all genres and across many platforms, including Windows and Mac. Steam also offers game demos to give gamers a chance to try out the game before purchasing.

The new MacBook M1 Pro’s advanced software capabilities are perfect for running today’s more demanding gaming titles on the go. The powerful A14X processor and Apple M1 chip allow for seamless performance with minimal lag time, allowing gamers of all skill levels an immersive gaming experience on their laptop. With Apple’s Rosetta technology, any existing Mac app can be converted for use with the new chipset as well.

Steam grants access to any compatible game on MacBook M1 Pro’s operating system, including titles such as:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • and plenty of other single or multiplayer games.

With the addition of Apple Game Center integration, users can easily find friends who share their gaming interests and enjoy a quality experience together – all due thanks to Steam’s awesome cross-platform compatibility!

Epic Games

Epic Games is an American video game and software developer headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. Founded in 1991 by Tim Sweeney, the company has become a household name for gamers across the world. Over the years, Epic Games has released popular titles such as Unreal Engine and Fortnite, as well as blockbuster games such as Gears of War and Infinity Blade.

The most recent addition to the Epic lineup is Apple’s new M1-powered MacBook Pro laptop, which was designed specifically for gaming and digital media applications.

The new MacBook Pro features a 13-inch Retina display with wide color gamut, Apple’s intuitive Metal graphics processor, long battery life and a specially-tailored version of macOS Big Sur. Additionally, the laptop offers powerful performance thanks to its high-end M1 processor and 16GB of RAM.

Lastly, the laptop also comes with Epic Games preinstalled on it in order to provide gamers access to their favorite titles without any additional downloads or purchases required – making this truly a “gamer’s dream machine”. With all these features combined into one machine makes the new MacBook Pro an exceptional value for anyone looking for their next gaming experience!


The new MacBook M1 Pro is ideal for gaming as it supports PlayStation controllers and offers high-end graphics technology. It is compatible with a range of popular gaming software and applications such as Steam, the Epic Games Store, Epic Games Launcher, Destiny 2, Overcooked! 2 and RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition.

Not only does it allow for easy access to these gaming applications via its native Mac App Store but it also makes use of advanced software such as Apple Metal API which provides an optimized experience that can be accessed through third-party Windows emulators. Furthermore, increased battery life – up to 18 hours – means that gamers can play throughout the day without having to recharge their devices too often.

The M1 Pro is also capable of handling augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications which are becoming more widely used in various disciplines of the gaming industry. With its superior processing power and graphics capabilities, your Macbook M1 Pro will become an indispensable tool in any game developers’ arsenal.


Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market and is compatible with the new MacBook M1 Pro. Xbox One games can be played on MacBooks with an Xbox wireless controller, available for purchase at, or an Xbox Adaptive Controller. Apple’s Game Center allows users to manage their achievements in compatible games, such as Forza 7 and Halo 5: Guardians, as well as keep track of the progress of friends playing on other platforms.

The XBOX app lets users connect and game with friends, access their world of digital games and services from their Mac, stream PC games from their console library remotely via Xbox Remote Play, access all their game files for cloud storage, and more. Subscribers of Xbox Games Pass Ultimate can also play over 150 premium titles as part of their monthly subscription on a wide selection of devices including mobile phones/tablets, PCs (Windows 10/8/7), Macs and TVs.

For those looking to “push the envelope” with laptop gaming technology or explore immersive virtual reality worlds found in many new title releases, RAM upgrades should be considered to increase hardware performance on MacBook M1 Pros running high-end simulations or complex 3D environments. There are also advanced gaming accessories such as virtual reality headsets that developers may want to check out – many are available either online or through retail stores that carry computer equipment.

macbook m1 pro vs air

Both the MacBook M1 Pro and Air provide excellent computing capabilities and are great options for a wide range of needs. Both machines are ultra-portable and feature the powerful M1 chip which can handle complex tasks and applications with ease.

The new MacBook M1 Pro offers superior graphics performance, quantum leaps in speed, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 2TB of storage capacity, a fanless design that keeps the laptop cool and quiet, superior battery life, and incredibly responsive multitasking.

The MacBook Air offers a more affordable option, as well as its lower weight plus the same M1 chip to power users through most tasks. It also has an impressive battery life that lets it run all day between charges.

Deciding which machine is better for you ultimately depends on what you need the device for. If you need extreme processing power along with graphs then it is better to go for MacBook Pro M1 but if you need something more lightweight than you should go for the Air. The choice is yours!