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iPad Pro – Is It Worth The Price?

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The iPad Pro is Apple’s most advanced tablet yet, but with its range of features and hefty price, the question remains: Is it worth the cost? In order to answer that question, we need to look at all the capabilities and specifications available on the iPad Pro.

Firstly, let’s examine its size and weight. The iPad Pro comes in two sizes – 11” and 12.9” – with a thickness of 6.1 mm for both models and a weight ranging from 468-477 grams respectively. Despite its size, it still fits comfortably in one hand without putting too much strain on your wrist from carrying.

Next up is performance; the iPad Pro brings forth an A12Z Bionic chip that has 8 CPU cores which means you can expect an ultra-fast loading experience when opening apps or switching between tasks for a more productive workflow. This is matched with 6GB of RAM for smooth multitasking capacity across entirely different apps running at once such as graphics applications like Photoshop or animation tools like Maya to aid professionals working remotely as if they have their desktops right beside them!

The beautiful Retina Display displays visuals in razor sharp clarity while also offering excellent color accuracy and contrast ratios that are vibrant but not too bright or saturated to be distracting during extended periods of usage which makes it perfect for creative professionals looking to finish projects faster with precise details right at their fingertips! Last but not least, the battery life can easily last up to 10 hours during normal usage scenarios while being able to charge quickly when necessary via USB-C charger port compatibility (up 50% charge in 30 minutes).


The iPad Pro has been advertised as the next big thing in the Apple tablet market. It boasts an impressive array of features, such as a powerful processor, a large display, and a long-lasting battery. Is the iPad Pro a worthy investment or is it just another overpriced product? In this article, we’ll look into the features of the iPad Pro and determine whether it is worth the money.


The iPad Pro is Apple’s fourth generation iPad, and it adds a range of innovative features, such as advanced display technology, enhanced security features, and powerful internal processors. Its design is sleek and modern with smooth edges that make it easier to hold in your hands. It also features a True Tone display that adjusts its color temperature depending on the ambient light and can provide an immersive viewing experience while streaming movies or playing games.

The iPad Pro also boasts a liquid retina display with 264 pixels per inch and an edge-to-edge LCD panel design. This delivers an incredibly sharp image clarity even at maximum brightness levels. The 120 Hz refresh rate also helps keep visuals smooth and seamless when scroll or swipe through web pages or documents. Additionally, the USB-C port allows for faster transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps as well as increased compatibility with different types of accessories including monitors, flash drives, cameras, external hard drives, and more.


The iPad Pro is equipped with Apple’s powerful new A12X system-on-chip, which offers up to two times faster CPU performance and four times faster GPU performance than its predecessor. The Pro also houses up to 1TB of storage (2TB is available for the 12.9” only), allowing for intense gaming, multitasking and photo editing. Battery life is impressive – at up to 10 hours of web browsing, it outstrips the competition even in this category alone.

The Liquid Retina display boasts an edge-to-edge design and sharp visuals, whilst benefiting from Apple Pencil support that makes it perfect for graphic designers and other creatives. Cutouts in the sides allow users to connect accessories such as an external monitor or USB thumb drives with relative ease – these can then be used to unlock further memory possibilities or provide a bigger screen with which to experience video and games in full HD resolution when connected via a separate accessory.

The speakers are also improved – not only do they provide more bass than ever before but they also offer 360 degree coverage throughout their entire range of frequencies so no matter where your ears are located on the iPad they will ensure a great listening experience regardless of orientation.

Battery Life

The iPad Pro features a long battery life designed to keep up with users’ needs throughout the day. With the iPad Pro, a typical user can watch about 10 hours of video, listen to music for 12 hours, and browse their favorite websites for 10 hours without needing to be recharged. An extended power adapter is available from Apple that offers even more endurance, allowing up to three extra hours of video streaming on top of the standard battery life.

The iPad Pro also supports fast charging – an hour of charge time provides up to four extra hours of use – so consumers who need a quick recharge can have it quickly and easily. Additionally, when connected to a computer through USB-C, the iPad Pro charges even faster. This means that after just two minutes in the charging cable you’ll have enough power for another hour and half of usage.

With its long battery life, fast charging capabilities and energy-saving modes such as Low Power Mode and Night Shift mode, the iPad Pro may well be worth the price tag when it comes to your overall longevity needs.


The iPad Pro features a 12MP Wide camera with an ƒ/1.8 aperture and has up to five times faster autofocus than previous models. This allows you to capture incredibly sharp, detailed images with minimal effort. The iPad Pro also has a 10MP Ultra Wide camera and a LiDAR Scanner to provide even more options for your photography adventures. Combined with the four studio-quality microphones, you can be sure that all your audio needs are also taken care of when shooting video or recording podcasts.

The editing options available on the iPad Pro are impressive, utilizing software like Adobe Lightroom Classic 2 and Pixelmator Pro to provide users with an array of tools to make their photos stand out from the crowd. Additionally, Apple’s very own Photos app makes it easy for beginners looking to make small adjustments without having to learn professional editing software suites. Ultimately, it all makes for a great overall experience for anyone that enjoys taking photos or recording videos using their iPad!


The iPad Pro is loaded with features that make it a great device for both work and play. It has a powerful processor, great battery life, a gorgeous display, and support for accessories like the Apple Pencil. With its premium build quality and advanced features, the iPad Pro is definitely worth its price tag.

This section will explore the pros of the iPad Pro and what makes it worth the investment.

Powerful Processor

The iPad Pro has an incredibly powerful A10X Fusion chip with a 6-core CPU and a 12-core GPU. It is the fastest tablet Apple has ever released, capable of powering creative and productivity tasks on the go. The processor is fast enough to handle complex tasks such as editing 4K video, manipulating RAW images, using augmented reality apps and running complex software like Photoshop.

In addition to being powerful, the processor is also energy efficient and therefore allows for longer battery life. The iPad Pro can run for up to 10 hours on a single charge for most tasks like browsing the web or working on documents. It also supports fast charging so you can fill up your battery faster when you need it.

The A10X Fusion chipset paired with Apple’s operating system makes the iPad Pro one of the best tablets money can buy in terms of performance. This powerful hardware also justifies its premium price tag as it has more than enough power for professional users who use their devices as main machines for their projects.

Large Display

The iPad Pro is known for its impressive 12.9-inch display, which is the largest among all iPad models. The Retina display offers razor-sharp images with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 and over 5 million pixels. This makes it ideal for watching movies and playing games, as well as general applications like web browsing, editing documents, and creating multimedia content.

It also has an ultra-wide color gamut for more realistic colors when viewing photos and videos. Additionally, it supports HDR content for more vivid colors, making it capable of displaying up to 600 nits of peak brightness. Furthermore, its True Tone technology ensures that colors appear accurate even under varied lighting conditions to give users true-to-life views of their content.

Long Battery Life

The iPad Pro features a powerful battery with 10 hours of usage time. Thanks to the efficient processor and charging system, you’ll get more than enough power for everyday tasks. This is especially useful when you’re away from home or a charging outlet. The long battery life makes the iPad Pro perfect for those who need long periods of usage or frequent travel.

Plus, Apple’s Smart Battery functionality helps you understand your charging habits and optimize battery life accordingly.


The iPad Pro is a device that many people may be interested in for its features, but the high price tag can be off-putting. Not only is the device more expensive than other tablets but the accessories and upgrades are also more costly.

Let’s take a look at some of the cons of the iPad Pro and why it may not be worth the price:


The iPad Pro is certainly a high-end device and one of the most expensive tablets available on the market today. Prices start at $799 for the 11-inch model and $999 for the 12.9-inch model, which can seem prohibitively expensive for many people.

These prices do come with features not found in other iPads though, such as improved hardware, better display and a greater selection of accessories. These features may make it worth spending more upfront, but those on a tighter budget may want to consider more affordable options.


The iPad Pro is heavier than most other models of iPad. Even though the exact weight varies by size, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro weighs 1.6 pounds while the 11-inch model weighs a full 1.44 pounds. This makes it much heavier than other models, such as the 9.7-inch iPad that weighs only 1 pound or the iPad Mini 4 that weighs 0.65 pounds.

This can be something to consider if you plan on using your device for long periods or if you plan on carrying it around with you often, as its weight may become an issue.

Limited Storage

The iPad Pro might be a great option for those who need more powerful features than an average tablet offers, but there is a limitation with the amount of storage. Depending on the model users choose, there are either 128GB or 256GB options maximum. However, this amount of storage is still not enough for users who would like to store large files such as audio and video files on the device.

Also, since Apple does not offer any expandable storage capabilities, once the memory limit is reached users will have to either

  • delete content from their iPad
  • or back-up and restore using a cloud-based storage solution such as iCloud or Google’s cloud service.

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Apple’s products such as the iMac, iPad Pro, and MacBooks have revolutionized the technology industry with their innovation, design, and features. Consumers have come to appreciate the convenience of having the latest technology in their pocket or on their desk. Apple’s products have allowed people to connect with each other, create content, and learn new skills.

As technology continues to evolve, Apple’s products will remain at the forefront of innovation.