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How Rainbow Six Siege Could Benefit from Cross-Platform Play


Are you a fan of the exciting and tactical Rainbow Six Siege? If so, then this article is for you. Cross-platform play could be an amazing feature that could level up the experience of the game. Cross-platform play allows gamers on different platforms to join a single match together, giving them access to more players and reducing matchmaking time. This could make the experience of playing Rainbow Six Siege smoother, as it would reduce wait times for players and make online matches more readily available. Additionally, this could help combat “toxicity” in the game by allowing for a better sense of community among all users from different gaming platforms. Read on to learn about the potential benefits this feature could add for players across all platforms:

Introduction to Rainbow Six Siege and Cross-Platform Play

Rainbow Six Siege is a highly popular online multiplayer game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It was released in 2015 and has achieved success among serious gamers and casual players alike, with millions of players worldwide taking part in online matches every day. Despite its popularity, Rainbow Six Siege does not yet support cross-platform play between different gaming platforms, meaning that users on different consoles or computers can’t join the same match together. This article will discuss the potential benefits that cross-platform gaming could bring to Rainbow Six Siege and why it should be implemented. Cross-platform play can also benefit developers by bringing even more people into their games, thereby increasing revenue potential through microtransactions or player subscriptions/d unuọsals. Overall, there are numerous advantages that introducing cross-platform play into Rainbow Six Siege could bring to both players and developers alike:

  • Reduce wait times for players
  • Increase sense of community among all users
  • Increase revenue potential through microtransactions or subscriptions

Benefits of Cross-Platform Play for Rainbow Six Siege

Since its launch in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the most popular games in the world. It has a loyal fan base, and Ubisoft has been steadily releasing content updates over the years. The game is currently available to be played on PC, PS4, and Xbox One – however, it isn’t possible for players on different platforms to team up with each other. Cross-platform play would bring a lot of benefits to Rainbow Six Siege players across all platforms.

  • Cross-Platform Queues: The main benefit to cross-platform play is that it would allow players from different consoles and PCs to join the same match lobbies together. This would significantly reduce matchmaking queue times as it would evaluate more potential teammates than when separate platforms are used. This could potentially reduce search times considerably, even during periods of peak demand.
  • Increased Player Pools: Another benefit of cross-platform play is that it would increase the overall number of players online at once as well as ones potentially joinable for ranked matches or tournaments. By increasing the player pool, it makes competition more robust as well as deepening opportunities for improving individual skills versus peers from other platforms who play differently in their own ways due to skill or activity preferences catering towards the platform they’re playing on versus others.
  • No Regional Server Restriction: Cross-platform play also eliminates regional server restrictions since each platform will now have access to a larger regional player pool under shared queues meaning no matter where located you won’t be punished or isolated from competitive opportunities due solely by location now opening up doors for players who are stuck behind slower internet speeds when attempting to connect with regions not localizing near them within their own platform before this implementation.

Challenges of Implementing Cross-Platform Play

As the world of online gaming continues to expand, more and more games are integrating cross-platform play capabilities. The Rainbow Six Siege team has tested the waters by enabling PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers to play together since February 2018. But there are still a few major challenges that prevent them from offering true cross-platform play for all platforms. One of the biggest obstacles is account linking. In order to truly achieve cross-platform play, players on different platforms must be able to link their accounts and carry progression from one system to another. This requires sophisticated infrastructure and poses a significant technical challenge that requires extensive development time, testing, and implementation cost. It also involves investing in server infrastructure robust enough to handle such huge amounts of data being transferred between multiple consoles with different operating systems.

Another major challenge for cross-platform play comes with compatibility issues between selected input devices and game controls across various platforms (e.g., controllers, mouse/keyboard etc.). Developers need to ensure smooth playability experience no matter what type of device used by the players – otherwise it may create an unfair advantage over other players or lower the overall quality of engage viewer experience when competing in tournaments or esports competition.

Possible Solutions to Implementing Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform compatibility could greatly benefit Rainbow Six Siege by allowing players to join matches with those playing on different systems. This would improve matchmaking and make it easier for smaller communities to have fun together. There are several options that could be used to implement cross-platform play including:

  1. Cross-Platform Proxies: A proxy system is a way of routing all traffic between one platform and another through an intermediary server, which could work by redirecting requests from one platform to another, while preventing players from accessing resources and content not meant for their platform.
  2. Remote Play Together (RPT): The RPT allows users to invite players to join their game, regardless of the platform they are playing on. When enabled on the host’s console, friends who join the game will automatically be connected via IP or URL in order to play together in the same matchmaking pool.
  3. Cross Buy/Cross Play Support: If both platforms offer similar versions of games and they use compatible software – like Ubisoft’s Uplay platform – then it may be possible for developers to enable cross buy/cross play support within Rainbow Six Siege without any additional technical effort required by them or the user. By enabling this option, individuals could buy a single version of a game that could be played across various platforms with their friends regardless of the technology gap between them.
  4. Cross Platform Voice Chat: In order for cross-platforms play to work properly there needs to be some form of support for voice chat so that players from different platforms can communicate with each other in-game. Some developers have developed their own native solutions like Discord but there are also others like Xbox Live’s Party Chat which may function better as an integrated part of Rainbows Six Siege’s gameplay experience (Only requires users account linking).

When will rainbow six siege be cross platform

Rainbow Six Siege is an ever-evolving game, but one thing that has been lacking in the game since its initial launch back in 2015 is cross-platform play. Currently, the game is playable across a variety of platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms like Uplay and Steam. However, cross platform play between these systems has not been available thus far. The addition of cross-platform play could have a significant impact on Rainbow Six Siege’s playerbase, allowing for players to compete with their peers regardless of what platform they prefer to use. In doing so, the game would no longer be limited to its exclusive user base on just one system and may even draw in new players from different systems who have yet to experience the Rainbow Six franchise. Additionally, it would create a more unified and competitive playerbase that can collaborate with members from other gaming communities – thereby driving up engagement levels and longevity for the title overall.

How Ubisoft Could Leverage Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform play is becoming more and more common in the gaming world, from Capcom’s Street Fighter V to Sony’s Fortnite. It allows people on different platforms, such as Playstation and XBox, to play together online and compete in tournaments. It would also benefit Rainbow Six Siege by encouraging new players to switch platforms in order to join their friends with an existing copy of the game. Ubisoft has recently announced that they’re now exploring cross-platform support for Rainbow Six Siege. This could potentially open up a wide array of new opportunities for gamers who have traditionally been restricted by platform exclusivity to the ways they can experience the game. Communities would no longer be segregated into console playing groups, and teams could contain friends from both sides of the console divide.

In addition, it would further enhance Ubisoft’s ongoing efforts to promote competitive online gaming with Rainbow Six Siege. Not only does cross-platform play create larger and more diverse peer groups for skilled players, but it also simplifies match-making for ranked contests by including opponents from both sides of the platform split into a single matchup queue. Furthermore, crossplay could also boost player numbers by enticing gamers who may previously have skipped out on playing due simply not having enough potential opponents available without needing to invest into two separate versions of the game; this could prove especially beneficial should new entrants find competitive gaming too daunting an endeavor without sufficient practice partners or rivals up against which they can practice or hone their skillset against.


The future of cross-platform play for Rainbow Six Siege is unclear. While Ubisoft has not committed to a timeline or even discussed the feasibility of the idea, Xbox and PlayStation players are eager to join forces in co-op matches and unite against opponents in Ranked and Unranked games. However, Ubisoft may be hesitant to pursue cross-platform capabilities due to potential problems in balancing gameplay between consoles and potential exploits that could arise from allowing players across different generations of consoles to interact.

At this point, there are no indications that Rainbow Six Siege will be given full cross-platform functionality in the near future. That said, certain strides have been taken toward inclusionary play such as the season pass collaboration between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. This indicates that the team at Ubisoft is mindful of their fans who want more from their multiplayer gaming experience. It’s possible that we may eventually see full support for cross-platform play for Rainbow Six Siege in the future but for now we can only wait and see what happens next.