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Call of Duty Warzone Map Rotation

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Are you a fan of the Call of Duty Warzone series? Do you want to know how big its map is? This article will break down Warzone’s massive map and showcase its features, allowing you to make the most of your gaming experience! Call of Duty Warzone is a battle royale game mode that is part of the popular Call of Duty franchise. It pits players against each other in an intense and ever-changing combat arena. Warzone features an ever-shifting selection of maps, each with their own unique set of features and challenges.

The game features an innovative rotational map system, which allows players to experience different versions of the map on a regular basis. This provides for exciting and dynamic combat experiences for gamers playing Warzone. The rotational map system also helps ensure that players don’t become too familiar with the terrain, ensuring that each match remains fresh and unpredictable. The following sections provide information about the various maps available in Warzone and how they rotate within the game:

Overview of the Warzone Map

Call of Duty Warzone is an exciting free-to-play battle royale game mode that features a large and varied map. Players battle against up to 150 other opponents in a single match, scavenging for weapons, armor, and other equipment in a desolate suburbia across 15 different zones. Although the map layout is always the same – with two designated buy stations – the game offers an ever-changing rotation of the different playable areas on each match.

Currently, Warzone has three different maps that are part of its regular rotation; Verdansk, Rebirth Island and The Farmland. Each location has distinct locations, ranging from military installations to sprawling cities. Verdansk is one of the most popular and expansive maps in existence as it boasts various areas such as Downtown and Industrial respectively. Rebirth Island is significantly smaller than Verdansk but offers close quarters battles due to it being condensed into a single island setting. Finally, The Farmland presents an intriguing mystery with its heavily forested areas leaving players to question what secrets are hidden within its confines.

In addition to its regular rotation, through special events Warzone will also feature multiple special maps such as Alcatraz Island featured during Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Hot Pursuit event or Rebirth Island’s Resurgence mode featured during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Battle Pass season. This makes Warzone a constantly updating experience that offers plenty variety for players willing to jump into the action!

How big is call of duty warzone

The Warzone map in Call of Duty is a huge virtual battlefield with a diverse range of environments that host intense tactical and large-scale combat. Overall, the map is approximately 150 square miles (241km). Players can traverse the map by foot, vehicle, or by use of fast travel points. The interior terrain consists of a variety of locations, such as sprawling cities, forests, river ravines and airports.

The Warzone map’s size and layout provide a constantly evolving combat arena for players to experience new strategies every match. As Warzone is an ever-changing game type, it has been found necessary to rotate certain areas in order to keep the play flow fresh and interesting. Different areas can be featured on different maps and there are also various objectives throughout each location which add even more depth to the gameplay experience.

Warzone Map Rotation

Warzone is the latest battle royale game and free-to-play on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. Warzone combines both solos and teams of four players in a massive 150-player match. Different maps are available on Warzone that provide different numbers of players, modes, and other in-game elements. Recent maps to be added include Verdansk (which currently rotates with the original Verdansk map for the classic version of Warzone), Rebirth Island, and Alcatraz Island.

At any given time, Warzone has three active maps available to choose from. Though there are numerous different game modes on each map unique features like loot locations, dynamic objectives or exclusive strategies set each one apart from the others. The available three maps in rotation are as follows:

  • Verdansk: The original map for Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s massive Battle Royale mode consists of multiple towns spread around an open field with various buildings, landscapes, zones and locations to explore – all connected by a web of highways and train tracks running through it all. This sprawling map offers plenty of options for diverse playstyles with its distinctive districts that feature their own unique aesthetics – Warehouse Districts to run through tight hallways packed full of militaries boots on the ground or large skyscrapers roamed by long-ranged snipers seeking high altitude perches from which to deliver apocalyptic destruction!
  • Rebirth Island: This instanced version of Verdansk does away with blending in huge fields or roaming around cities filled with urban combat encounters by focusing instead on small island action presenting an even faster-paced arena contained within a closed off environment limited in size compared to its full counterpart. Here intense but short battles rage as aerial drops fall onto close combat situations where you can find yourself locked into multiple gunfights at once!
  • Alcatraz Island: Set within San Francisco Bay this smaller yet speedier take on battle royale gameplay cloaks intense firefights within an ancient prison complex repurposed as the ultimate warzone where squadmates scramble across rooftops struggling against their opponents looking out onto bay views all while making sure they manage limited ammunition supplies!

Advantages of Warzone Map Rotation

Rotating different maps within video games such as Call of Duty: Warzone can keep the game fresh and exciting. Being able to take on a variety of different terrains and locations throughout the game contributes to players feeling more engaged, while also providing new perspectives and strategies when playing. Map rotation also offers an element of surprise which allows the players to become focused and strategic when allocating resources or creating plans leading up to, during, and after each round.

In terms of competition, Warzone map rotation presents an opportunity for players to practice various strategies for different maps so there will be a greater likelihood of success. Playing on every map also encourages more creative thinking during gameplay since each one requires different approaches in order for you to eventually win the game. With this being said, cooperating with other players should be utilized in order to build a team that can effectively strategize while also having fun at the same time.

Overall, map rotation serves as a great way for you and your team to stay motivated while also honing your skills in order to become successful within Call of Duty: Warzone. Being able to play on various battle grounds that offer diverse terrains, resources, enemies and pathways can keep your interest peaked- adding even more difficulty but giving you more opportunities for growth along the way!

Disadvantages of Warzone Map Rotation

The Warzone map rotation has become increasingly popular among players, as it guarantees an ever-changing playing experience. In recent months, the trend has been to introduce a new map for each seasonal update. Players love a fresh challenge, as this keeps things exciting and prevents the game from feeling too routine or stale. Unfortunately, there are some major disadvantages to the Warzone map rotation system that fans may not consider. First of all, with the introduction of a new map comes the need to learn its layout and understand its nuances. This takes time and practice, which can tire out players who are already familiar with previous versions of maps. As well, some players feel forced to stick with their favorite weapons and strategies in order to have a better chance at success on an unfamiliar battlefield. Eventually, they may give up on trying different weapons if they don’t find one they like after multiple attempts on different maps.

Another major downside is that rotating maps means that factions can be divided simply by playing time—players who have been playing since the launch of Call of Duty Warzone could be accustomed to certain strategies and weapon distributions which don’t apply anymore once a new map has been launched and rotated in place of the old one(s). This can lead to frustrations during online sessions when players lack even basic information about common spots or high-traffic areas on maps that new players may know considerably better than experienced veterans.

In addition, nostalgic gamers will miss previous editions of their favorite locations—such as Jailbreak in Blackout or The Reinas in Verdansk—simply because Map rotation makes them unavailable for extended periods of time unless specific playlists are hosted within a seasonal update cycle (which tend not to last too long). As such we can see how much effort must be put into replicating previously “perfected” strategies on those maps which have already been replaced by newer versions inside the Warzone game world.

Strategies for Warzone Map Rotation

Playing Call of Duty Warzone can be a thrilling and competitive experience. Knowing optimal strategies for the game’s rotation of maps is important to ensure that you have the most successful gaming experience possible. Call of Duty Warzone includes a variety of different maps on which players can compete. The most common are Verdansk, Rebirth Island, and Al Qatala. Understanding each map’s terrain, areas of interest and basic strategy can help you better prepare each time the round rotates to a new map.

  • Verdansk: Verdansk is known for its large open-world environment with a mix of urban, rural, and military sites providing ample opportunities for combat all over the map. The terrain is varied, with rivers and mountains offering tactically advantageous platforms from which to observe enemies’ movements or launch attacks in relative safety. For players familiar with this map, certain points on Verdansk are recognizable hot spots for battles due to their high-traffic locations, such as Military Base or Superstore areas. It’s important to remember that all parts of Verdansk offer some level of exposure so watch your back!
  • Rebirth Island: Rebirth Island is a small island located in the Black Sea just off the coast south-west of Russia and Georgia. It features a smaller play area than Verdansk making game rounds fast-paced but still allowing plenty opportunity for team strategy amid explosive firefights across its urban suburbs, nucleaic warheads plant facility, communications array and oil rig ruins. Always consider where your opponent might be located at any given time due to Rebirth Island’s more confined space – staying out and away from potential kill zones is going to give you an edge over your opponent during extended battles for control points throughout each round.
  • Al Qatala: Al Qatala’s desert environment consists primarily open sand dunes interspersed with abandoned villa gardens – ideal environments for high octane team strategies using close quarter tactics or long range weapons like sniper rifles depending on preferred style play doing rounds here at Alvaka Harbor can lead you into some intense engagements during full combat situations as well as various tactical scenarios when there’s less action happening from opponents who have been winnowed down by battle so far – just keep on your toes it could literally go either way each time you drop down onto this impressive hotspot!


Understanding the map rotation for Call of Duty Warzone can be key to success in the game. It’s important to remember that, while some characters may be more suited to certain maps, with the rotating selection of maps and modes, players can adjust and adapt their strategy to suit the current play situation. The active rotation of these maps will keep gamers on their toes and provides them with variety. The careful selection of maps at different times encourages players to take advantage of their environment, think about where enemies are likely to spawn and how best to approach the objective using this knowledge. As an ever-evolving arena shooter, every new season brings changes – tweaks that help shape both beginner and veteran player strategies alike.