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The Ukrainian Government’s Decision to Ban Men From Leaving the Country

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In April 2020, the Ukrainian Government implemented a ban on the movement of men aged 16-60 from leaving the country. This unprecedented measure was designed to prevent Ukraine’s limited number of able-bodied males from joining foreign military and mercenary forces in other countries. In addition, the goal was to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty and defend against possible incursions by Russian forces in the region.

This article will provide an overview of the Ukrainian government’s decision to implement this restrictive measure, discuss its impact on people living within the country’s borders, and evaluate potential legal challenges filed in protest to the policies. It will also address questions surrounding potential unintended consequences and long-term implications for human security. Finally, it will assess how international organisations have responded, particularly those with expertise in human rights matters.

How men try to get around the ban to leave Ukraine

In April 2020, the Ukrainian government imposed a nationwide ban on men aged 16-60 from leaving the country to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This ban has not only disappointed men who had intended to travel but has also created several challenges for those trying to get around the ban to leave Ukraine.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how men are attempting to circumvent this ban:

Reasons for the Ban

The Ukrainian government decided on April 15th, 2020 to ban in place that would prohibit all Ukrainian men aged 10-60 from leaving the country. The goal of this ban is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and limit international travel to only essential trips abroad during this time.

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The primary reasons that led to the ban included:

  • The government’s intention of controlling and limiting the flow of people in and out of Ukraine;
  • To reduce the number of foreign workers coming into Ukraine and thus lower possible cases of infection;
  • To protect Ukrainian citizens from returning with potential coronavirus strains acquired while abroad (given the lack or availability of testing); and
  • To limit contacts and increase security against human traffickers to reduce illegal immigration.

Scope of the Ban

On July 22nd, 2020, the Ukrainian government implemented a ban that prohibited men between the ages of 16 and 60 from leaving Ukraine. This ban applies to all Ukrainian citizens, as well as foreign citizens holding a Ukrainian residence permit. The purpose of the ban is to prevent people from leaving the country to join armed forces abroad.

This ban affects men travelling for business and private reasons, including those using business visas for international travel. All affected individuals are now required to register with their local Ukrainian police station and provide their passport or national identification card to be granted permission to leave Ukraine. Once permission is granted, an individual must purchase a specially issued ‘temporary exit certificate’ which they can then use to cross any international border checkpoints on their journey out of Ukraine.

The scope of this ban covers not only land border crossings but also airports and seaports meaning that no flights or boat trips will be permitted without the necessary paperwork being processed in advance. In addition, visas are no longer being issued providing further restriction on international travel outside Ukraine’s borders. It should also be noted that all cases are considered on an individual basis taking into account personal circumstances and other relevant factors before any exit requests are approved by authorities.

Impact of the Ban

In response to the Ukrainian government’s decision to ban men between 16 and 60 from leaving the country, many men have had to resort to extreme measures to try and leave. This has had a massive impact on the lives of those affected financially and emotionally. While some have succeeded in getting around the ban, others have been unable to.

In this article, we will discuss the effect this ban has had on those trying to leave Ukraine and how they try to get around it:

Effects on Men’s Lives

In August 2018, the Ukrainian Government banned all men aged 16–60 from leaving Ukraine. This move was taken as a response to dramatic developments in Eastern Ukraine, where Ukrainian forces have defended their soil against Russian-led armies. However, the ban has had profound implications in the lives of the affected male population and has further exacerbated economic hardship and insecurity.

The ban aimed to limit access to military-style occupations or activities outside Ukraine that might be seen as involving opposition to or otherwise being critical of the government’s policies. Men are prevented from participating in politics, holding public office, or serving in any capacity for foreign contractors or employers by law. Without secure employment prospects at home and prevented from travelling abroad, many Ukrainian men found themselves with limited opportunities for legal income.

Families were also heavily impacted; without male breadwinners, husbands often cannot provide reliable support for their spouses and children. In addition, with fewer resources for medical care, education, food and other essential items, many households found themselves financially strained due to this policy change.

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The travel ban has caused widespread resentment among Ukrainian citizens which is likely to compound existing problems with public opinion on government activity – particularly among younger generations – and increase political uncertainty in the region. In addition, there have been reports of some people attempting to leave the country illegally despite heightened restrictions around border detection and interception methods employed by security personnel.

Effects on the Economy

The decision of the Ukrainian government to ban men aged 16-60 from leaving the country has had a significant impact on the economy, both at home and abroad. The ban has prevented these men from engaging in gainful employment outside of Ukraine, leading to a decrease in remittances and an overall reduction in foreign currency reserves. Moreover, businesses associated with the outflow of migrant workers have suffered, such as those providing services to facilitate their cross-border mobility such as travel agents and airlines.

At home, the ban has harmed economic growth by limiting the availability of qualified labour for certain industries, such as construction and tourism. Both these industries are major drivers of employment and economic growth in Ukraine. Without access to labourers from abroad, these sectors suffer from labour shortages due to which projects remain unfinished or incomplete and unemployment continues to rise.

The decision by the Ukrainian government also threatens recent gains made through investment coming into the country. Businesses looking to invest in Ukraine may now be deterred due to their perception of political instability resulting from this ban – thus threatening potential foreign investments that could provide much-needed capital into its economies. Furthermore, businesses dependent on travel within Ukraine or those relying on exports are severely impacted as they face further restrictions on trading due to greater restrictions imposed at borders with neighbouring countries as a result of this ban.

Ultimately, this decision could have long-term implications for Ukraine’s economic future if it is not reversed soon.

How Men are Trying to Get Around the Ban

In response to the Ukrainian government’s recent decision to ban men from leaving the country, many men have been searching for ways to get around the restriction. While some have simply chosen to ignore the ban and continue to travel, others have come up with creative solutions to get out of the country.

Here we will discuss some of the ways men are attempting to get around the ban and the implications of the ban for those men trying to leave Ukraine:

Exploiting Loopholes

The Ukrainian government’s decision to ban men from leaving the country has led to various attempts from men seeking ways of getting around the ban. Although it appears that authorities are cracking down on some of the more obvious methods, such as fake documents, some men are still finding workarounds through legal and grey areas.

One of the common loopholes being exploited involves exploiting family connections overseas. Citizens can travel for family visits if they obtain a travel certificate from their embassy or consulate abroad – even if their families do not live there. A man can then apply for a visa to their destination country, knowing that they will have an easier time getting it approved since they do not need a visa to visit relatives in that particular country.

Another loophole is taking advantage of paternity leave. By providing written proof that they have a child living in another country, Ukrainian fathers can theoretically get permission to travel abroad and spend time with their children – although this loophole is also tightly regulated by authorities.

Moreover, some Ukrainian citizens (particularly those who have dual citizenship) can also take advantage of more generous laws when it comes to passports and visas as compared to what Ukraine offers its citizens. This allows them to travel more freely without any restrictions, provided that their other citizenship does not come under scrutiny by the relevant embassies and consulates.

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Finally, there are reports of men trying to rely on bribes to pass through border checkpoints despite the ban. However this is only recommended as a last attempt as chances of success are quite small due to intense scrutiny by authorities.

Working with Smugglers

To get around the increasingly strict immigration laws imposed by the Ukrainian government, some men seek out black-market smugglers to leave the country. While using these services can be dangerous and expensive, it is the only option for many desperate people.

Smugglers profit by providing clandestine transportation and false documentation; this involves obtaining passports under assumed or borrowed identities, or counterfeits that can fool immigration controls at checkpoints. Some use legal methods such as bribery and forged travel documents, while others rely on corrupt officials to gain access to records that bypass immigration restrictions.

The criminal networks operate with varying levels of security; in some cases they even offer relatively high-end service packages with access to private jets and crew members from other countries. For those willing to risk taking a chance on illegal migration, smugglers are the only option available – a route fraught with danger but one which brings much needed relief for those wishing to escape their homeland.